Men's Run N' Gun Football Spring 2013



Back Row: James Hayes, Chris Crocker, Anthony Howard, David Sweeney
Front Row: Alex Woodward, Joe Van Gelder, Luis Ortiz 

Championship Game Summary
Legacy 52, Pick Six 48

The Run N Gun Flag Football Men’s championship was a battle of the unbeatens, as Legacy (8-0) took on Pick Six (8-0). Pick Six was the favorite coming into the game. They had proven to be a flag football powerhouse after winning the intramural championship during the fall semester. Pick Six cruised into the championship game, beating their opponents by an average of 37 points throughout the playoffs. Even with the known history of Pick Six, Legacy felt far from an underdog. Legacy was a team comprised of veteran players, mostly seniors, grad students, and faculty members. Unlike Pick Six, Legacy had been battle tested throughout the playoffs, winning their four playoff games by an average of only 13 points (one by only one point and another by only three points). The expectations for both couldn’t be higher, but only one team could walk away with the perfect, undefeated season and the bragging rights of being champions.

Legacy started the game with the ball because Pick Six deferred until the second half. Legacy’s quarterback, Joe Van Gelder, and wide receiver, Alex Woodward, showed early signs of amazing chemistry. Van Gelder completed his first three passes to Woodward, one of which resulted in the game’s first touchdown. The extra point attempt was incomplete, which became a trend for Legacy as the game went on. Pick Six responded quickly in their first possession, as quarterback, Ricky Silva, efficiently completed short passes to a few different receivers until throwing a touchdown to Sean Heaney. The PAT was successful, and Pick Six took the lead, 7-6. Van Gelder and Woodward wasted no time for Legacy’s next possession, completing a perfect 35-yard touchdown pass. With another failed PAT, the score remained at 12-7.

Silva and Pick Six responded in the same fashion, with a 35-yard touchdown pass to Cody Sloniecki to make the score 13-12. Legacy’s next possession once again started and ended on the first play, except this time, it was not a touchdown. Van Gelder’s first pass to a receiver other than Woodward proved to be a mistake, as a bobbled ball led to an interception by Pick Six’s Kevin Pomerleau. With good field position, Pick Six took advantage. The first pass by Silva was completed for a touchdown to Pomerleau, followed by a successful PAT making it 20-12. In Legacy’s next possession, Van Gelder showed his lightning speed as he ran most of the field before being deflagged at the 4-yard line. The next play, Van Gelder’s pass was once again dropped, and again landed into the hands of the defense. Heaney’s interception was followed by a touchdown from Silva to Heaney, which helped Pick Six open up the game a bit leading 27-12.

With their back against the wall, Legacy responded with three unanswered touchdowns to end the half. The first was on a pitch from Joe Van Gelder to David Sweeney. Then, Legacy got something they hadn’t had all game, a defensive stop. The turnover on downs was followed by a 20-yard touchdown to Anthony Howard. The previous stand by Legacy proved to give some confidence to the defense, as the next Pick Six possession ended on an interception by Woodward. With less than a minute left in the half, Legacy took their first lead in awhile with another Woodward touchdown, ending the half with a 31-27 lead.

            Pick Six started the first half in an unfamiliar spot; trailing. Their first possession of the half started slow. On a key third down and goal, Silva completed much-needed touchdown pass to Pomerleau to swing the momentum back to Pick Six’s side. Legacy’s next possession was also a struggle, as they faced the same third and goal that Pick Six had. Unfortunately, dropped passes continued to plague Legacy, as one of their wide receivers dropped a pass that would have gone for huge gain. After the turnover on downs, Pick Six’s Silva completed his 6th touchdown of the day to Sean Heaney making it 41-31.

With only 11 minutes left in the game, it was important for Legacy’s next drive to end in a score. Fortunately Woodward stepped up with another touchdown from Van Gelder; their 4th TD connection of the game thus far. With eight minutes left in the game, it was important for Legacy to get a stop. The first play of the drive was demoralizing, as Silva completed a long pass to Sloniecki, bringing Pick Six to Legacy’s 7-yard line. On the next play, Silva scrambled to the right, drawing all defenders, which left Pomerleau wide open for the touchdown. The score gave Pick Six a 48-37 lead with 5 minutes left in the game. Legacy responded with another Van Gelder to Woodward touchdown making it 48-43 with 2 minutes left.

Pick Six began to taste the championship. One first down was all that seemed to stand in their way. Legacy called timeout after first down, stopping the clock with 1:27 left. On second down, Silva converted a first down on a run. With no timeouts left for Legacy, the game seemed to be over, however this story is only beginning. Poor decisions by Pick Six led to an incomplete pass and a stop of the clock. On the following play, an even worse decision led to an interception in the end zone by Legacy’s Anthony Ortiz. Legacy retained the ball with 40 seconds left in the game. A completion by Van Gelder to Woodward brought Legacy to the 20-yard line.

With 14 seconds left on the clock, Joe Van Gelder scrambled in the pocket until deciding to run, slicing through the defense for the go ahead score. The way this game had been going, it would have been no surprise if Pick Six scored a touchdown in the remaining ten seconds. On the final play of the game, Legacy’s David Sweeney sacked Pick Six, causing a safety to seal the game and the 2013 Intramural Championship.

The lack of close games for Pick Six and the experience of the close games for Legacy proved to be the deciding factor in this epic battle. For many of Legacy’s players, they would retire from intramurals on top, leaving behind their own legacy. For Pick Six, they will be back next year to try to add more to their already thick resume.

Pick Six
Left to Right: Sean Heaney, Cod Sloniecki, Ricky Silva, Joe Johnson, Kevin Pomerleau, Matthew Schell, Chris Magalhaes