Co-Rec Run N' Gun Football Spring 2012


Back Row:  Stephanie Pertarb, Emily Warnock, Audrey Carr,
Marisa Conyers
Front Row:  Atanas “Nasko” Gizdov, Rojay Wagner, Benjamin Klein

Championship Game Summary
Marisol 53, The Tight Ends 0

The undefeated Marisol proved it was truly unstoppable in its shutout defeat of The Tight Ends, 53-0.

Tight Ends started off with two short passes for 5 yards each, as quarterback Jason Mestancik threw dump passes to Katie Croke and Kerry Coughlin during 1st and 2nd downs. On 3rd and 4, the pass intended for Brendan Carnell was too high, resulting in a turnover. Marisol got to work quickly with an out from captain Rojay Wagner to Emily Warnock resulting in 14 yards. On 3rd down, another short pass to Warnock resulted in a Marisol 1st down. A quick out to center Audrey Carr resulted in a 9-point touchdown, but the PAT was no good. Tight Ends was unable to get things moving, as passes to Carnell and Coughlin were rushed and overthrown, in part due to great pressure from Gang’s Marisa Conyers. On 3rd and long, Carnell made a great catch but came back over the 20-yard-line when he was deflagged, resulting in a turnover on downs.  Marisol continued to do what it did best -- short passes. An out to Warnock brought in another 10 yards, and a quick slant pass to Ben Klein was converted for a 1st down. With the play closed, Carr started in the gun and dumped it short to Wagner to open up the following play. With Wagner back at quarterback, he found Carr over the middle for another 9-point touchdown. The pass was incomplete to Klein on the PAT for the 18-0 score. Tight Ends continued to struggle moving the football. 1st down was incomplete to Coughlin and 2nd down the ball was batted down by Wagner. On 3rd, a quick dump pass to Croke with a nice run-after-catch resulted in a Tight Ends 1st down. On 1st-and-goal, Mestancik decided to try for the endzone, but the post-route to Carnell was just barely overthrown. On 2nd down, another massive sack from Marisol’s smallest came as 4’11” Conyers got to Mestancik for a loss of 5. The Tight End’s 3rd down double pass to Carnell was just barely off its mark to result in another turnover.  Marisol took advantage of this last scoring opportunity before the end of the half, as another out route to Carr led to her 3rd 9-point touchdown – a hat trick already and the 1st half wasn’t even over! The Tight End’s defense was bamboozled on the PAT from Klein's and Warnock’s crossing routes. With Klein’s catch for 1 point, the score was 28-0.  With just seconds left in the 1st half, Mestancik hit Carnell, moments before defensive force, Steph Pertarb, was able to deflag him short of the endzone. The score at the half was 28-0.

The 2nd half was more of the same: Marisol’s short passes were too much for the defense, and the Tight Ends were unable to click on offense, perhaps due to the solid rush by Conyers and tight coverage. To summarize some of the 2nd half highlights -- Carr made a b-line for the endzone for a 4th touchdown and the PAT to Klein was good for 1. Conyers got a 3rd sack of Mestancik that resulted in a huge turnover on downs. Warnock in the open field missed a pass that would have been a touchdown, but she later redeemed herself in a perfectly-run out-and-up route for 9 points. Klein scored for 6 on a long post route with a beautifully-thrown bomb from Wagner. Perhaps the funniest play was Carr’s pass to Wagner, whose shorts were nearly pulled off during the de-flagging, his polka dot boxers getting their first look at the intramural fields. This perfect 53-0 shutout of a game ended Marisol’s perfect season with captain Wagner winning his 8th and final shirt over his intramural career. As he and his teammates graduate, the field is wide open for new teams to battle it out for next year’s championship. Best of luck, sports fans, and may the odds be forever in your favor!

The Tight Ends
Back Row: Brendan Carnell, Edward Grennon, Armando Montrond,
Jenna Mattera
Front Row: Katie Croke, Kerry Coughlin, Jason Mestancik