Men's Run N' Gun Football Spring 2009


(Alphabetical): Ari Alaluf, Jacob Evers, Stefan Gomes, Ian Hayes,
Marc Lemarbre, Andrew Smith


Championship Game Summary
7/11 72, Busch League 64

With a weekend title already under their flagbelts, Busch League was the early favorite for the new three-week tournament format. Busch League’s superior IQ and crafty athleticism was put on display throughout their undefeated pool play schedule.  Due to tie breakers, Busch League missed out on a first-round bye in the single-elimination playoffs. Busch League, however, proved the bye and top seed was not necessary, as they marched through opponents to the semifinals. Next in line was pool rival Black Snake Moan, whom they squeaked by 46-45. This time, Black Snake Moan found themselves on the end of a 54-19 rout that returned Busch League to the championship.

Unlike Busch League, 7/11 did not have the championship swagger and maroon shirts.  However, 7/11 did have four years of UMass flag football experience within their core of the squad. 7/11 did not turn many heads, as they flew under the radar with a 2-1 record and a number two seed for the playoffs. Though they displayed their toughness in three consecutive playoff wins, including one over an athletic juggernaut team, their +28 point differential was minuscule compared to Busch League’s +126 point difference throughout the playoffs.  Nonetheless, 7/11’s grit and experience set up a championship game that put toughness against savvy.

In the championship game, Busch League, led by quarterback John Kineavy, scored the first on four straight completions. 7/11 showed off their fire power as well. The teams exchanged leads six times and scored on each possession. 7/11’s QB, Andrew Smith, scored his third 1st half touchdown, this time as a wide receiver. The 1st half ended fittingly tied at 28.

On the first play of the 2nd half, Smith reached the end zone on a long run that was negated by a flag guarding penalty. With three consecutive stops by Busch League, 7/11 had the first turnover-on-downs. A Smith-led attack with receivers Marc Lemarbre and Stefan Gomes was virtually unstoppable, as was the combination of Busch League’s Kineavy to receivers Brian Vaccaro, Matt Perry and Eric Fenstermaker. With a long Lemarbre TD reception, 7/11 took their first second half lead 50-48 with about a minute to play. A cool Busch League offense trucked down the field to cap their drive and reclaim the advantage with a Nate Tattersall touchdown. A successful 2-point conversion, gave Busch League the 56-50 lead with under 25 seconds.  7/11, however, stayed composed. They methodically worked their way down the field, stopping the clock after each completion by going out of bounds.  With 8 seconds to play, Smith eluded two defenders & plunged into the end zone to tie the game with no time left.

On the potential game-winning point-after-try, Busch League’s Fenstermaker intercepted the pass. The lateral-filled return run was stopped by Smith to set up overtime. In the first series of overtime, Busch League’s Vaccaro recorded his second touchdown with a tough catch through the defense. Perry’s 2-PAT catch put the pressure on 7/11. 7/11 matched both scores as Lemarbre ran in a touchdown and caught a 2-PAT pass.

In the second overtime series, Smith continued his leadership by running for his sixth touchdown and throwing to Gomes for an eight-point lead.  On the ensuing drive, 7/11 threw a hard rush at Busch League on their third down attempt from the 1-yard line. The incomplete pass sealed a hard fought 72-64 win for 7/11.

Busch League

(Alphabetical): Colby Cabral, Eric Fenstermaker, John Kineavy,
Matthew Perry, Nathan Tattersall, Brian Vaccaro