Men's Weekend Football Spring 2006


Timothy Abreu, Leo Ahern, Patrick Bregoli, Daniel Clark, Michael Delahoyde, Ryan Dempsey, Daniel Donovan, Daniel Duggan, Matthew Rooney,
Charles Vidoli

Championship Game Summary
Quincy 21, Sleepy Sheep 14

In a possible preview of things to come in fall flag football, Sleepy Sheep and Quincy met in the final of the weekend tournament. The build-up for the game surrounded both teams’ potent offenses. Brent Richard started the game by intercepting Quincy quarterback Pat Bregoli on the first possession. Sleepy Sheep quickly cashed in as Joe Collins fired a touchdown pass to Jay Welch for the early 6-0 lead. Not to be outdone, Bregoli found a hole in Sleepy Sheep’s defense and scrambled for a large gain. Two plays later, Bregoli found Mike Delahoyde for six, then found Tim Abreu for the PAT and the lead at 7-6. Both teams tried to establish an offensive rhythm for the remainder of the half, but both defenses held strong. Sleepy Sheep seemed to have something going late in the half as Collins completed a long pass to Ian White that, coupled with a roughing the passer penalty, put Sleepy Sheep in position to score. The Quincy defense held, however, as Matt Rooney recorded an interception as the half ended.

With the ball to start the 2nd half, Quincy wasted no time capitalizing, as Bregoli led his team down the field and culminated the drive with a touchdown pass to Rooney for the 14-6 lead. As Sleepy Sheep tried to respond, the Quincy defense tightened up.  Bregoli thwarted a Sleepy Sheep drive by tipping away a pass on 3rd and goal to give Quincy back the ball. The defensive stalemate would continue until White fired a touchdown pass to Richard for Sleepy Sheep. Sleepy Sheep then converted the critical two-point conversion to tie the game at 14-14. With time running out in the game, Quincy drove down the field in an attempt to take the lead. They would succeed as Rooney caught his second touchdown of the game to give Quincy the 21-14 lead and set up a thrilling finish. With less than a minute remaining, captain James DeStefano caught a long pass in the back of the end zone but was out of bounds by inches. On the next play, DeStefano again caught a long pass but was downed just yards short of the end zone, giving Quincy the thrilling 21-14 win.

Sleepy Sheep

Michael Barry, Michael Bulger, Joseph Collins, James DeStefano,
Peter Kelly-Joseph, Brent Richard, Denny Teason, Jason Welch, Ian White