Men's Weekend Football Spring 2005

God's Gift to Women #1

Kelby Akin, Joel Bayas, Jonah Beckley, Christopher Coblyn, Timothy Collins, Christopher Starck, Jeff Viggiano

Championship Game Summary
God's Gift to Women #1 34, Hell's Satans 26

Last year’s runnerup, Hell’s Satans, met newcomer God’s Gift to Women #1 in a final game pitting two undefeated teams. Both teams held opponents scoreless in their three pool play games and then advanced through the single- elimination playoff draw. Hell’s Satans scored first after a drive sustained by numerous GGTW#1 penalties. Shaun Connaughton threw for a touchdown to Brad Micheli followed by a Marco Tuesta extra point reception. GGTW#1 immediately answered with a short pass to, and long run by, Chris Coblyn. Then Chris Starck hit Jeff Viggiano for the touchdown. The extra point was incomplete, leaving the score 7-6. Hell’s Satans kept the pressure on by Connaughton passing to Micheli who caught the pass for a touchdown due to great footwork along the sideline as he dove out of bounds. The extra point was good to Tuesta. With time running down to end the first half, Starck made a long pass to Viggiano who was ruled out of bounds at the two-yard line with three seconds left on the clock. The next play was called an illegal snap and Hell’s Satans declined the penalty. The last play of the half saw Starck complete a touchdown to Jonah Beckley. Once again, the GGTW#1 extra point was incomplete. A busy first half ended with Hell’s Satans ahead 14-12. The second half picked up where the first ended…with a lot of offense. GGTW#1 scored first with Starck completing to Viggiano followed by a completed two-point conversion. Hell’s Satans marched to have Tuesta score from Connaughton. GGTW#1’s Viggiano intercepted the extra point but “showboated” a little too early, as he dropped the ball behind his back on the one yard-line just before he scored the two-point conversion for the interception. God’s Gift to Women #1 came right back with a long pass from Starck to Coblyn who made the catch between two defenders and then made a great cut downfield to score a touchdown. Beckley caught the extra point to make it 27–20 GGTW#1. Hell’s Satans Micheli dove for a pass along the sideline at midfield and made the catch over the outstretched hands of Coblyn. Hell’s Satans had third and goal with one minute to play. Tuesta caught another touchdown from Connaughton. Decision time. Should they try for one to tie or two to win? Their answer was to go for two, but they missed. GGTW#1 got the ball and chose not to run out the clock. Starck hit Kelby Akin for a long touchdown run as Beckley converted the extra point to make the score 34–26. With one last chance, Hell’s Satans drove the field quickly but came up short as Coblyn intercepted Connaughton in the end zone as time expired to end the game. Hell’s Satans found themselves as bridesmaids once again. Players on God’s Gift to Women #1 overcame two hard-fought games to come away with the win.

Hell's Satans

John Bruyere, Shaun Connaughton, James Crook, David Hill, Brad Micheli, Leonard Smith, John Tomaso, Marco Tuesta