Co-Rec Weekend Football Spring 2002


Brendon Buckley, Sofia Cozzolino, Matthew DeNoble, Troy Merkel,
Timothy O'Brien, Lauren Paul, Brooke Perry, Nicholas Slipp,
Meghan Sullivan, Katie Welch

Championship Game Summary
Bulldogs 23, All Stars 8

Five teams competed in the double-elimination tournament. All Stars, after losing to Bulldogs 1 5-8, made their way through the losers bracket to again face Bulldogs in the final. In what would be the “first final,” All Stars redeemed themselves and crushed Bulldogs 46-0. In the true championship, Bulldogs’ Brendon Buckley had two interceptions and Brooke Perry and Matt DeNoble stepped up offensively as Bulldogs garnered the 23-8 tournament win.

runnerup champion

Cristin Gennarelli, Caitlin Kurasek, Patrice Laverdiere, Gregory O'Connor, Christopher Paulin, Sibusiso Ranuga, Anthony Volpe