Men's Weekend Football Spring 2001


Championship Game Summary
Fokers 28, Dirty Sanchez 26

The first razzle dazzle flag football tournament was a huge success. 18 teams competed in pool play with the top 2 from each pool advancing to the seeded, single-elimination playoffs. The championship came down to Fokers and Dirty Sanchez. Starting slow, each team threw an interception on their first possession. On their third possession, Dirty Sanchez tallied first on a pass from Jay Leblanc to Greg Zopatti. Dirty Sanchez missed the extra point and lead 6-0.

Fokers answered when QB Mail Thompson connected with Andy Podoiski. Fokers converted the extra point to lead 7-6. Before the end of the half, Dirty Sanchez struck again as QB Leblanc threw his second touchdown, this time to Pat Lepore. Dirty Sanchez lead at the half 1 2-7. Early in the second, half Fokers' Thompson-to-Podolski worked its magic again for the 14-12 lead.

Fokers scored yet again to lead 21-12, as Thompson connected with Brian Caniff. Dirty Sanchez's Leblanc scored on a run to make it 21-18. Dirty Sanchez then sacked Thompson in the end zone for a safety to bring Dirty Sanchezto within a point, 21-20. On the ensuing possession, Dirty Sanchez took the lead as Leblanc connected with Topher Gudmand to give Dirty Sanchez the lead at 26-21 with 2 minutes to play. Fokers would not quit as Thompson threw a TD to Tom Sheehan to take the lead with 28 seconds to go. Time ran out and Dirty Sanchez's hail Mary prayer was not answered. Fokers celebrated the exciting 28-26 victory.

Dirty Sanchez

Peter deFlorio, Mark Dilillo, Kristopher Gudmand, Jay Leblanc, Patrick Lepore, Keith Walsh, Greg Zopatti