Men's Racquetball Singles Fall 2010

Anthony Erwin

Championship Summary
Anthony Erwin defeats, Carl Nigro 15-11, 15-10

In the inaugural year of racquetball, Carl Nigro and Anthony Erwin beat twelve other players to compete in the men’s championship. Nigro and Erwin had regular season records of 4-1 and had close playoff matches en route to the final.

In a close first game, Nigro and Erwin exchanged points until late in the game when Nigro pulled away to win 15-10.

The second game was also close with Nigro and Erwin exchanging points. Erwin was able to rally for the 15-11 win.

In the third and final game, Erwin appeared to find his game and, although the game was close, Erwin defeated Nigro 15-10 to win the championship.


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Carl Nigro