Women's Lacrosse Spring 2003


Ashley Baxter, Julie Colantuoni, Esther Kapinos, Michelle Kozlowski, Kathy Krause, Rachel Kushner, Rachael Lewis, Lauren Vancheri, Anya Wright

Four teams participated in the women's lacrosse tour nament, which featured round robin play with the two best teams advancing to the single elimination championship. BAM!, LAX Girls & Chicks with Sticks finished round robin play with two wins & one loss. Goal differential deter mined that BAM! & LAX Girls would meet in the final. The championship was not to be, however, as LAX Girls failed to show and forfeited to BAM! For BAM! in the tourney, Michelle Kozlowski was key on the draws, while captain Julie Colantuoni put up impressive offensive stats and Ashley Baxter was solid in goal.