Women's Lacrosse Spring 2002

Power Hour/Zoolax

Meredith Carlisle, Kelly Early, Aimee Flynn, Alma Gottlieb-McHale,
Emily Kinback, Hannah Lane, Kerry Murphy, Tara Rowe, Elizabeth Stephan

Championship Game Summary
Power Hour/Zoolax defeated Chi-O SDT/DZ 6-3, 8-2

Power Hour Zoolax beat Chi-O SDT/DZ 6-3, 8-2 in a best of 3 inaugural women's lacrosse tournament. For the tournament, Chi-O's Catherine Donaghey and Kristin Shrewsbury each tallied two goals and Chelsea Digby added another. For Power Hour/Zoolax, the big scorers were Aimee Flynn, who scored four goals overall, and Elizabeth Stephan, who scored six goals for the tournament.


Terri Cronin, Chelsea Digby, Catherine Donaghey, Sharon Lilien-Zwiebel, Rossana Mahvi, Caitlin Moses, Elizabeth Reily, Kristin Shrewsbury