Men's Ice Hockey Fall 2011

Team Bartolucci

Back row: Steve Daloia, David Yost, Michael Broughton, Andrew Locke, Brian Bartolucci, Matthew Conway, Ryan Sifferleau, Salvator Cattoa
Front Row: Kevin Flanagan, Troy Niezgoda, Derek Pereira, Brian O’Keefe


Championship Series Summary
Team Bartolucci beats Barn Muckers in 3 games

#1 seed Team Bartolucci took on #2 seed Barn Muckers in a best-of-three playoff to determine this year’s champion.

In game one, Bartolucci began with a steady offensive attack and placed numerous shots on net yet failed to score. It was Barn Muckers, though, that drew first blood at the 12:20 mark with a well-placed shot past the Barolucci goalie. The game took an aggressive turn with approximately eight minutes left in the period. The teams had matching roughing penalities, as well as a cross checking penalty on Team Bartolucci at 7:30.

Barn Muckers opened up the second period in control. Team Bartolucci was given a two minute minor penalty to leave them short-handed to start the second period. Bartolucci’s penalty killing was able to hold off the assault by Barn Muckers but, as the penalty expired, Barn Muckers scored their second goal of the night. Team Bartolucci seemed shocked by the turn of events and needed to quell the momentum. That's exactly what they did. At 7:45, they scored their first goal of the night to make the score 2-1. Their celebration was cut short by a hooking call at 4:07, which once again left them short-handed. Not to be discouraged by needing to penalty kill, Team Bartolucci notched another goal with 3:35 left and again at 1:07. Bartolucci led after two periods 3-2.

The rest of the game was dominated by Team Bartolucci. When the final horn sounded, the final score was 5-3. Barn Muckers placed one more puck in the back of the net, while Team Bartolucci scored twice in the 3rd, one of their goals shorthanded yet again.

Game two began with the rink only half-cleaned. The zamboni had been having issues, and the operator was able to clear half the ice. This did not seem to distract the players. Team Bartolucci scored in the first period with 4:45 left. Despite Bartolucci's grand scale win in game one, game two was all Barn Muckers who got their first goal with :45 left in the first period.

Barn Muckers did not stop there; they were hungry for revenge and opened the second period with their second goal of the night. Team Bartolucci began to fall apart as received three penalties in the second at 11:41, 7:45 and 4:51.

The third period opened up with a goal by the Barn Muckers for their 3-1 lead. Team Bartolucci received yet another penalty at 9:40. The third period played out much like the second with little drama. Both teams made drives against each other’s nets, but neither team was able to score until the last minute of the game. Team Bartolucci, desperate for a comeback, pulled their goalie to have an extra skater on the ice. Barn Muckers took complete advantage of this and placed a shot in the net without much resistance. Barn Muckers delivered one final blow to Team Bartolucci’s pride by scoring with just 8 seconds left in the period.

The series was now destined for a game three, scheduled for the following night, to decide who would be the champion.

Team Bartolucci took no time in making themselves known in this game by firing their first shot on goal just 30 seconds into the game. Other than that, the first period was very low key. The first goal was scored with 4:46 left in the period. Barn Muckers converted first.

Team Bartolucci started the second period on a powerplay and did their best to even up the score, but to no avail. It took until 12:35 in the second for Bartolucci to get their first goal to tie the game at one. In an atypical move for the second period, Team Bartolucci pulled their goalie to give them the extra skater. This proved successful because at 10:10 Batolucci scored for the 2-1 advantage. Energized, Bartolucci scored twice more before the end of the second period.

Down but not out, Barn Muckers scored just 20 seconds into the third period. Bartolucci kept the pressure on and added another goal at 10:42 for the commanding 5-2 lead. The last five minutes were extremely exciting with three goals scored before the final horn. Barn Muckers scored two goals at 5:35 and 2:00. But, Team Bartolucci placed the nail in the coffin and added an insurance goal at 1:17. Team Bartolucci held on for the win in a thrilling best-of-three championship.

Barn Muckers

Back row: Conor McDonough, Bradley Suter, Nicholas Leone, Tyler Patron, Kevin Drew, Cory Mui, Patrick Donahur, Andrew Ryan
Front Row: Sean McElhinney, Christopher Nashville, Chaz Kiernan, Thomas Leone