Men's Ice Hockey Spring 1999


Championship Game Summary
Lovers defeated Celtics 1-2, 3-2, 4-1

In game one, Corey Black put the puck past Lovers goalie Jonathan Corliss, with an assist from Brendan Keenan, 2 minutes into the second period. Eight minutes later Ryan Andrew tied the game for the Lovers. Mike Shields, from the Celtics, found the back of the net on a pass from Ben Michaiski with 2 minutes to go in the second period. Mike Buckley shut out the Lovers in the third period to preserve the 2-1 victory.

In game two, Mike Mears found Corey Black to give the Celtics an early lead. With 4 minutes left in the second period, Ryan Andrew found Bill Morrissey to knot the score for the Lovers. Three minutes later Corey Black scored his second goal for the Celtics with assists from Mike Mears and Mike Shields. Both goalies met all challengers until Mike McDade found Tom Targonski to tie the game for the Lovers. Facing elimination, an energized Bill Morrissey put the Lovers ahead to stay with 8 minutes left in regulation. Lovers won the game 3-2.

Game three saw the Celtics play without co-captain and standout goalie Mike Buckley. Richard Bartley was an excellent sub, but the Lovers seemed rejuvinated. Bill Morrissey scored the first of his four goals 8 minutes into the first period. Seth Ayott found Brendan Keenan to tie the game for the Celtics. The game remained tied until Morrissey scored on a pass from Ryan Andrew which put the Lovers ahead to stay one minute into the third period. Jonathan Corliss played brilliantly in goal for the Lovers as they won the game 4-1 and the championship 2-1.

The Celtics