Men's Ice Hockey Fall 1996

The Steamers

Championship Game Summary
The Steamers 2-0, 3-5, 4-1

Ten teams qualified for the 1996 Fall Ice Hockey Tournament. First seed The Steamers eliminated Stockbridge, 5-3 and shutout Night & Day, 10-0. The 6th seeded Smocks upset Thunder Bay, 4-2. The Canucks, a team composed of singles, eliminated Pi Kappa Alpha, 4-2. The Canucks went on to a huge upset over the previously undefeated Hogs, 3-1 in an overtime shoot-out.

In game one of the final series, Chris Mireault scored off of an assist by Jason Bray to put The Steamers up 1-0. Ian O'Byrne was impenetrable in goal. Ryan Andrew assisted by Shannon Daigle and Juan Padro added a second period goal, final score 2-0.

In game 2, Juan Padro scored at 13:56 of the 1st period. Rick Lundgren assisted by Will Hawthorne finally got one past O'Byrne. With 2:11 left Rob Searle deftly passed back to Keith Chouinard who netted it. With 9:06 left in the 2nd period, Christopher Mireault assisted by Jason Bray tied the game. Juan Padro assisted by Harold Santiago scored at the 14:38 mark. At 9:58 Searle and Chouinard reversed roles to tie the game. Gil Bach stood firm in goal and Keith Chouinard scored at the 1:45 mark. Chuck Sturtevant added an empty net goal with 32 seconds left. The Smocks had evened the series.

In game 3. Padro and Mireault scored back-to-back unassisted goals within the first two minutes of the 1st period. Rick Lundgren assisted by Keith Chouinard cut into the lead. Chris Mireault's second unassisted goal increased the lead to 3-1 thus ending the fiercely played 1st period. Padro assisted by Doherty scored at the 5:18 mark to post the last goal of the game. Bach and O'Byrne denied all comers in the third period; final score 4-1.