Men's Ice Hockey Spring 1995

Pi Kappa Alpha

Championship Summary:
Pi Kappa Alpha defeated Night & Day 6-4, 8-2

The top four teams from each divivision advanced into the playoffs. In the semi-finals, second seeded Night & Day stunned number one seed Mother Puckers, 11-1, to advance into the championship series. The other number one seed, Pi Kappa Alpha, narrowly escaped the same fate as they squeaked by the Smocks, 3-2.

In game 1, Pi Kappa Alpha took advantage of their strong bench to outlast Night & Day. Playing with only 7 players, Night & Day played hard and managed to gain a 4-3 lead to end the second period. However, the fresher Pi Kappa Alpha legs netted three unanswered goals to go 1-up in the series. Bill Condon played huge for Night & Day as he accounted for 3 of their 4 goals and had the assist on the fourth goal. Jim Heffernan scored twice for Pi Kappa Alpha. Bryson Millikin, Josh Hoekstra, Eric Korins, and Doug Leone each added lone goals.

In game 2, despite playing with a small squad, Night & Day managed to control the play and keep the puck in the Pike zone for extended periods. Outstanding defensive play, including some key saves by Scott Caulfield, kept Night & Day out of Pike's net. Pike took advantage of several 2-on-1 and 3-on-2 fast breaks to take the lead 2-0 in the first period. Bill Condon kept up his scoring barrage by putting in 2 goals for Night & Day in the second period. Pi Kappa Alpha answered back with 3 goals to go into the third period leading 5-2.

The Night & Day squad played gallantly but could not hold back a determined Pi Kappa Alpha. Pike scored 3 more unanswered goals to take the game and the title, 8-2. Doug Leone had a hat trick for Pi Kappa Alpha, while Chuck Gilbert, Brett Wickman, Erik Wickman, Jim Heffeman, and George McEachern added lone goals.

Night & Day