Men's Ice Hockey Spring 1994

The Hockey Team

Championship Summary
The Hockey Team defeated Mother Puckers 5-3, 6-4

The hockey season closed with a flurry during the first week of April after a grueling 9 week schedule. At the.end of the regular season four teams advanced to the playoffs to compete for the championship: The Balls, The Hockey Team, The Motherpuckers and The Wolverines. In the first semi—final the Patrick Division champion Motherpuckers faced off against the Smythe Division runner—up Wolverines. A close checking game was tight until the end, the score tied at 1 goal apiece entering the third period. With less than 10 minutes remaining in the game, the long season and physical play of the Puckers began to show in the play of the Wolverines. They surrendered two goals before the final buzzer, sending the Puckers to the best of three game championship with a 3-1 victory. The other semi—final was forfeited by The Balls to The Hockey Team.

Four nights later the finals began. Both teams had used the four day layoff to rest up, and it showed in the play. A free skating game was kept close into the closing minutes by the spectacular play of both goalies. A minor penalty on the Motherpuckers midway through the third period broke the back of the Motherpuckers as Ben Nassar of The Hockey Team scored a power play goal to give them a 5—2 lead with only a couple of minutes remaining. The game was iced with a late score as the Puckers pressed to get back into the contest.

In Game Two both teams reverted to a more physical style of play resulting in many power play opportunities for both sides. The Puckers used their 2 to 1 advantage in power plays to keep the game close in spite of the suspension of one of their best players. The game was tied at three into the final period. The Puckers were frustrated by the outstanding goaltending of Tony Farrell who stymied them on several great scoring chances. The Hockey Team took the lead 4—3 early in the final frame but the Puckers clawed back to tie. With under 5 minutes remaining, Keith Manting scored his third of four goals in the game. The Hockey Team again took advantage of the forechecking of the Puckers to ice the game at 6—4 and claim the championship for the second semester in a row.

Mother Puckers