Women's Holiday Basketball Fall 2012

Grey Ghosts

Left to Right: Emily Babon, Suzanne Parker, Rachel Claffey, Melissa Stanvick


Championship Game Summary
Grey Ghosts 35, Lyte As a Rock 4

On November 19th at 8:30 pm the teams Power Hour and Grey Ghosts faced off for their second game. Defending champions Grey Ghosts came in with their game faces on and a burning desire for the new Intramural Champion T-Shirts.  Power Hour started the game off with three players: Steph Benoit, Meredith Tuite, and Shannon Cunningham. Grey Ghosts also started with three players: Rachel Claffey, Emily Babon, and Suzanne Parker.

The game started out and Parker of Grey Ghosts scored the first eight points for the team, several of which were break-away lay ups. Complemented by Parker, was Emily Babon who consistently dominated in the paint. Power Hour’s first basket was scored with 8:25 left in the half by Shannon Cunningham off of a rebound. The game continued on three versus three as the Grey Ghosts controlled possession by getting rebounds and break away plays down the court. With 7:26 left in the half Meredith Tuite scored the second basket for Power Hour. Both teams exhibited excellent sportsmanship and the will to win, however, at half time with a score of 35-4 both teams decided to call it quits. This ruled Grey Ghosts reigning champions of the Women’s Holiday Basketball Tournament.

Power Hour

Left to Right: Shannon Cunningham, Steph Benoit, Meredith Tuite