Co-Rec Holiday Basketball Fall 2012


Back Row: Julia McWilliams, Allie Treanor, Devon Black
Front Row: Ben Smith, Thomas Kolodziejczak, Matt Kolodziejczak, Richard Wang


Championship Game Summary
Swishney 36, Doing Gender 31

The co-rec Holiday Basketball final was a fantastic game, characterized by impressive hustle from both teams. The game was very close and both teams played extremely hard. Doing Gender, consisting of Ian Confer, Ben Jones, James Hayes, Jess Fadale, John Moloney, Kate Labarbera, Katherine Saylor, Lindsey Dervin, and Trisha Hurley squared off against Swishney, whose members included Devon Black, Richard Wang, Allison Treanor, Ben Smith, Julia McWilliams, and Matthew and Nick Kolodziejczak.

Doing Gender scored a layup from James Hayes first at 18 minutes. From there, the first half was a back and forth struggle with neither team clearly separating themselves from the other. Hayes continuously attacked the basket, scoring on fast breaks and driving in for layups.  Devon Black and Ben Smith paced Swishney, Black from the outside, and Smith contributing in the post. At the end of the half, the score was 15 to 11, in favor of Doing Gender.

The second half began with Hayes continuing to barrel his way for a layup, while also receiving support from teammates John Moloney and Lindsey Darvin. Doing Gender scored 7 of the first 9 points to open the second half, forcing Swishney to call a time out at 11 minutes in order to stop the momentum Doing Gender had built.

Coming out of the timeout, Swishney appeared reorganized and began to seize control. While continuing the inside out game of Black and Smith, they added scoring from Richard Wang and Julia McWilliams. As they began to erase the 9 point deficit, the game continued to get more and more intense. With less than 5 minutes left, the score was tied at 26.

Ultimately, the game came down to defense and rebounding. Down the stretch, Swishney continually out-rebounded Doing Gender, leading to multiple second chance scoring opportunities, and began to pull away. Up by 2 with 2 minutes left, a quick run by Swishney made the score 34 to 27.  Doing Gender wasn’t going to go down easy, and Hayes scored twice to bring the game to 34-31. After missing a potential game-tying 3, Doing Gender was able to get one last defensive stop, and another chance to tie the game. However, Wang stole a pass intended for Hayes, and sealed the game with a coast to coast layup with 10 seconds remaining. Both teams played exceptionally hard, and exhibited great sportsmanship in the thrilling final.

Doing Gender

Back Row: Kate Labarbera, Ian Confer, Ben Jones, Trisha Hurley, Cam O'Toole
Front Row: Katherine Saylor, James Hayes, Jess Fadale, Lindsey Darvin