Women's Holiday Basketball Fall 2011

Grey Ghosts

Back Row: Glynis Flaherty, Kate Conner, Melissa Stanvick
Front Row: Lauren Napolitana, Emily Babon, Suzanne Parker


Championship Game Summary
Grey Ghosts 55, Lyte As a Rock 53

Boyden Gym played host to the 2011 Women’s Holliday Basketball Championship on December 2nd. It was a battle between the number one seed, the Grey Ghosts in white and the number two seed, Lyte as a Rock in red. These teams had played each other earlier in pool play with the Grey Ghosts coming out on top 47-18, but Lyte as a Rock came out hoping the result would be different this time. Grey Ghosts won the tip, which lead to a three point play by captain Kate Coner (8 pts. 3 reb.) to put the Grey Ghosts up 3-0. The Grey Ghosts were able to go up 9-4 after a nifty lefty lay-up in transition by Emily Babon (6 pts. 5 reb.).  As the first half moved along, the Grey Ghosts were able to extend their lead to make the score 17-4 after a lay-up by Babon, but then Lyte as a Rock came right back with a made jumper by Stacey Linehan (4 pts. 3 reb.) to make the score 17-6. The first half ended after Melissa Stanvick (9 pts. 1 reb.) of the Grey Ghosts made two free throws to make the score 22-8.

Lyte as a Rock got the ball to start the 2nd half but lost all momentum after a steal by Babon which turned into a made jumper by Stanvick to make the score 24-8. With 14 minutes to go in the game, Lyte as a Rock was able to make the score 24-10 after a lay-up by captain Shahna-Lee James (4 pts. 3 reb.). The Grey Ghosts seemed to be in control throughout the second half, and finished off Lyte as a Rock with a three pointer by Coner. As the final buzzer sounded, the Grey Ghosts came out on top winning the Women’s Holliday Basketball Championship 35-12.

Lyte As a Rock

Back Row: Deanna Bunch, Emily Vartabedian, Erika Apoku, Amenze Enama
Front Row: Courtney Williams, Kisla Rami, Stacey Linehan, Shahna-Lee James