Women's Holiday Basketball Fall 2010

Grey Ghosts

Lauren Napolitana, Emily Babon, Glynis Faherty, Suzanne Parker, Melissa Stanvick


Championship Match Summary
Grey Ghosts 55, Shahna Lee 53

For the women’s holiday basketball championship matchup we had an epic game between two quality teams in Shanhna Lee and the Grey Ghosts. Both teams came into the championship undefeated and looking for the coveted title. At the beginning of the game Lee did not have enough players and only had four. However, the Ghost showed their true colors and played only four players as well. At the 12:00 minute mark of the first half Lee was up 14-8. They were playing hard nosed defense led by Shanhna Lee who had 5 rebounds and 3 blocks through the first eight minutes. With eight minutes remaining, Lee gained their 5th player which leveled the playing field a bit for both teams. By the end of the half, the score was 26-25 ghosts, who got an offensive burst from Emily Babon. She finished the half with 12 points, scoring 6 out of the last 8 points for the Ghosts.

In the second half it was truly a see saw affair. Half way through the half, the score was 34-34. Natasha Pierre-Louis to this point had scored 15 points and was carrying a very tired Lee team. The Ghosts kept pushing the ball to the dismay of many Lee players. With 4:00 left, Lee took the lead 44-43, fighting through fatigue. Later, with one minute left, Lee was up 49-46. However, Glynis Flaherty, who played top notch defense throughout the game made a huge and one bucket to send her to the line to the game. She truly did have ice in her veins as she nailed the free throw with 8.6 seconds remaining in the game. Lee took the ball up court and gave it to Pierre-Louis who front rimmed a pull up jumper. An overtime was a fitting ending to what was a very close game.

Early in the overtime Lee, with only five players, one fouled out leaving them with four players once again. This was tough for them throughout the overtime, but they showed their determination and played their hardest. With 28 seconds left, the game was tied at 53. Lee got the ball and went for a shot but missed. The Ghosts got the rebound quickly got the ball to Flaherty who once again drained a clutch shot. It was little to late for Lee who missed a desperation 40 footer that just would not fall. All in all great game by both teams, with Pierre-Louis leading all scorers with 23 points, but in the end the heroics of Flaherty and her 12 points were too much for the depleted Lee team to handle.

Shahna Lee

Elizabeth Sullivan, Shahna-Lee James, Emily Vartabedian, Danisha Augustt