Men's Holiday Basketball Fall 2009

Legends of Boyden

Octavious Hawkins, Jason Zenga, Vincenzo Lacerra, Eugene Montague,
Sedale Jones, Mike Soper, Daniel Druker, Daniel Smith, Roland Claudemir


Championship Game Summary
Legends of Boyden 42, Skyjack 29

The Legends of Boyden are making their mark on basketball in UMass Campus Recreation.  After winning the spring basketball championship last winter, the team came back for the annual holiday basketball tournament, ready for another taste of championship glory.  The Legends of Boyden delivered with a 42-29 victory that was closer than the final 13 point margin would indicate.  Their opponent, Skyjack, had an impressive run through the playoff bracket winning two close games on their way to the final.  Legends of Boyden found their path to the championship much easier, winning their two playoff games by a combined score of 127-54.  Skyjack kept the start of the game close by limiting the three point shooting weapons of Legends.  With only three 3-point field goals all game, the Legends were forced to rely on their inside game.  Skyjack was unable to contain Legends, could not get into an offensive rhythym and found themselves down ten at the half.  Sedale Jones netted nine points in the first half and finished with twelve for the game.  Jones also added eight rebounds, for Legends.

In the 2nd half, Skyjack, went on a 5-0 run to cut the deficit in half.  Mike Bill contributed eight points for Skyjack and was their leading scorer.  The Legends defense was impressive.  Skyjack was not able to get closer to six for the rest of the game.  Octavious Hawkins was the leading scorer for Legends, scoring eleven second half points and fifteen for the game.  In addition to the points, he added two key blocks in the second half on back-to-back possessions for Skyjack.  While the game remained close for most of the second half, Legends pulled away late with a few key buckets and made free throws down the stretch.

(Alphabetical): Joseph Bill, Michael Bill, Kyle George, Kevin Ianetta, Samuel Laorenza, Brian Miller, Brian Moynihan, Corey Mulvehill, Luke O’Brien, Joseph Siniscalchi, Christopher Vercollone