Women's Holiday Basketball Fall 2008

Go Getters

(Alphabetical): Kristen Capaldo, Elizabeth Dow, Samantha Gale, Melissa Gosian, Haley Kahn, Alyssa Manyak, Lauren Martin, Emily Seery, Raychel Smuda-Dypa

Tournament Summary
Go Getters win final by forfeit

The women’s holiday basketball tournament featured four teams in pool play with a seeded playoff. Go Getters emerged from pool play as the number one seed in the playoffs. Go Getters squeaked by a formidable Ragers team 38-32, led by the precision shooting of Melissa Gosian & Elizabeth Dow. The talented Twisted T’s faced an equally fierce opponent in the Hecklers, but carried by the leadership of Kaleigh Maines, Twisted T’s came away with a “W” in a back-n-forth 27-25 nail biter. As pool play continued, Ragers walked away with a 38-30 win over Twisted T’s, fueled by the fluid passing of Melissa ten Napel and solid bench play from Rebecca Clifford and Katherine Lynch. Coming off a tough loss the previous night, Twisted T’s went back to work against undefeated Go Getters. The lack of rest proved to be the downfall of a tired Twisted T’s offense. Go Getters romped 53-32 to go 2-0. In the remaining two games of pool play, Ragers escaped with a 47-45 win over the Hecklers. Go Getters faced the Hecklers, who came in with a 0-2 record. From the start of the game, both teams were clicking on all cylinders and received contributions from their benches as well as their starters. There would be no stopping Caitlyn Young, as she was not going allow her team to lose this game. The Hecklers held their breaths and the ball in the final seconds of the game to shock the previously undefeated Go Getters 41-40. With such close pool play games, the playoffs would be the only satisfactory way to decide a winner. In the 1st game of the playoff and what was anticipated to be another close game, Go Getters met the Hecklers. Go Getters put the hurt on and easily soared past the Hecklers 45-14. In the other semifinal, Ragers, despite being a player short, gave it their all against Twisted T’s, but came up on the short end in a 46-45 thriller. With the championship set between Go Getters and Twisted T’s, an exciting finish looked to be on the horizon. Unfortunately, and much to the disappointment of all, Twisted T’s forfeited the final. Go Getters settled for the win-by-forfeit to go 4-1 in the tourney.