Men's Holiday Basketball Fall 2002

Just Bring It

Brian Betsold, Matthew Burstin, Lenny Joseph, Michael Lovett,
Mahendra Ramaiah, Stephen Stanton, Justin Zerneri

Championship Game Summary
Just Bring It 47, Barnstables Finest 34

The outcome of this November classic between Just Bring It and Barnstable's Finest was really never in doubt, thanks to the tandem of guard Justin Zerneri & center Matt Burstin. In the first half, Just Bring It held the 25-12 lead with five minutes to play. Barnstables Finest held close but trailed 28-19 at the half.

The one-two punch of Zerneri Burstin seemed almost unstoppable. Zerneri would either pull up and shoot or drive and dish to Burstin under the basket for an easy two. Barnstables kept pace with contributions from Eric Souza, Royce Henry & Jeff Way. With 11:48 to play, Barnstable's cut the lead to five. That would be as close as they would get, as they wouldn't hit another field goal for the next 11 minutes. Just Bring It championed the 47-34 win.

Barnstable's Finest

Derek Andrade, Marlon Andrews, Royce Henry, Jonathan Heywood,
Shane Jackson, Jeremy Schilling, Eric Sousa, Jeffrey Way