Women's Holiday Basketball Fall 2001


Christina Ambrose, Tara Donovan, Courtney Garron, Kristin Mirto,
Cory Norbutus, Sara Peterson, Brigitte Wise, Sara Zakar

Three women's teams competed in round robin play with all teams going to a seeded, single-elimination playoff. In round robin, each team had one win and one loss. Women's Lacrosse nipped Shooters 22-18 and then lost to Ballers 34-26 and Shooters got past Ballers 24-22. With identical records, the playoff seeding was decided by which team had given up the fewest points. That put Shooters in first place.

In the playoff semifinal, Women's Lacrosse, unfortunately, did not show for the game and Ballers won by forfeit to advance to the final to play top seed, Shooters. But the final was not to be. Shooters also ran for the thanksgiving holiday bus. Ballers won a second playoff game by forfeit and wa!ked away with the championship.