Women's Holiday Basketball Fall 2000

Bounce With Me

Amy Clinton, Katherine Curry, Laura Curry, Katherine Grassa, Erin Greeley, Jana Joksinovic, Katherine Moran, Emily Simon, Sarah Simon,
Lauren Smyth

Championship Game Summary
Bounce With Me 39, Superstars 38

Three teams participated in the women's division. Superstars emerged as the first place team by knocking off Bounce with Me 29-2 5 and crushing White Chocolate 54-8. Bounce with Me finished in second place by beating White Chocolate 31-14. In the final, both Superstars and Bounce with Me began with plenty of missed shots.

Superstars got off to an early 12-6 lead behind the shooting of twin-towers Lauren Paul and April Morin, who also lead all rebounders with a game high 7. Behind the clutch shooting of twins Laura and Katherine Curry, Bounce with Me only trailed 16-14 at the half. Bounce with Me turned it on in the second half and kept Superstars off balance. K. Curry hit some clutch field goals, in addition to picking up two steals, two rebounds and one blocked shot.

For the Superstars, Nicole Martignetti hit some needed free throws down the stretch to keep pace with Bounce with Me. Regulation ended in a 34-34 tie. In overtime, both teams seemed exhausted and the missed shots and turnovers dominated the scene. With less than 2 minutes to play, Bounce with Me's playmaker Lauren Smyth drained a trey and Katherine Curry nailed a 15 foot jumper to seal the 39-38 victory. Bounce with Me's Katherine Curry lead all scorers with 16 points. Her sister, Lauren Curry, chipped in with 8 points while Amy Clinton added 6.


Kristin Coppins, Katie Coy, Nicole Martignetti, Jennifer Mikkola, April Morin, Lauren Paul, Jill Romero, Jennifer Weis