Men's Holiday Basketball Fall 2000


Bryan Cortes, Jim Hanrahan, Bryan Mahoney, John Noble, Dan Sobrinski,
Charles Steinback, Austin Storms, Jon Toland, Steve Wortley, Phil Yacinth

Championship Game Summary
G-Spot 41, Hickoey 23

This years championship pitted G-Spot versus Hickory, both of which went undefeated in pool play. G-Spot made the final with a 60-37 semi-final victory over Rim Rockers. Hickory entered the final by way of a 50-22 semi-final victory over AEPi. AEPi and Rim Rockers had gone undefeated in pool play. G-Spot, having won 2 of their 3 pool-play games by close margins, was familiar with games in which each possession had importance. Hickory steamrolled their four previous opponents and had no reason to think they would not do the same in the final.

The first half saw Peter Ervin, one of Hickory's better players, gather three fouls as his team could not find any fluidity. Meanwhile, G-Spot played a team game and found the open man en route to a 20-12 half-time lead. Hickory, finding it difficult to get through the G-Spot defense, unraveled in the second half. G-Spot kept their composure and played their style of game leading to a 41-23 final victory. Stars for G-Spot were John Noble on the offensive end and Charles Steinback on defense. Leading the way for Hickory were Tommy Verdell, Michael Sadowski and Peter Ervin.


David Bonomi, Peter Ervin, William Holzman, Charles Kelly, John McCormack,
James Nagle, Michael Sadowski, Kevin Toomey, Thomas Verdell