Men's Holiday Basketball Fall 1999

Cliff & The Rythym Nation

Championship Game Summary
Cliff & The Rhythym Nation defeated Sons of Siam 47-44

Some may say the difference between going home a champion and going home second best is just a matter of seconds. It appeared that way for Cliff and the Rhythm Nation and Sons of Siam. Siam started the game red hot, jumping to an early 12-6 lead behind Juan Cruz's playmaking. Cliff would settle down and go on a 12-3 run, forcing Siam to call a timeout with 6:34 remaining in the first half. Cliff would finish the half with a 26-21 lead.

Both teams traded baskets until Siam erased the deficit and tied the game at 38 with 6:56 remaining. With 1 minute left, Cliff had a 2-point lead and the ball. All that was left now was for Cliff to make their free throws. Siam fouled Dan Sabrinski with 18 seconds on the clock and trailing by 3. Dan sank both shots and Cliff had a 5-point lead. Siam quickly pushed the ball up the court and scored two points.

Once again Sabrinski was on the line with a chance to help his team, this time with 7 seconds remaining. But he missed the front end of a 1+1. Siam got the rebound and Raul Robles took a desperation halfcourt shot which fell short. Cliff would be crowned champion with a 47-44 victory. Ciiff was led by Sahrinski’s 11 points and 2 rebounds while Siam was led by Robel’s 17 points.

Sons of Siam

Logan Bailey-Perkins, Edgar Barros, Juan Cruz, Omar Elmo, Marat Fikhman, Rashaan Hazard, Remon Jourdan, Phyllip Farquharson, Ronald Rateau,
Raul Roble