Men's Holiday Basketball Fall 1996

Bad Boy Killaz

Championship Game Summary
Bad Boy Killaz 47, Why? Because 45

Twenty teams entered the 1996-97 Holiday Basketball Tournament. Five undefeated teams advanced into the playoffs: Bad Boy Killaz, Operation Lockdown, Real Deal, Room 307 and Why? Because. Last year’s runnerups Killaz easily handled Operation Lockdown, 57-36 and held off Real Deal, 49-45. Why? Because defeated a strong Room 307 squad, 52-42.

In the final, both teams kept each other close. The largest lead was 6 points and the half ended with Why? leading by 3 points. The second half was more of the same. Strong offensive play by Killaz put them on the line and Why? into foul trouble. Carison and Seide put Killaz ahead by one with less than 5 minutes to play.

They painstakingly built the lead to 47-42 with 9 seconds left. Still, Nelson Barros had time to heave up a prayer just inside the division line and can it. Seide and Flowers inbounded the ball under intense pressure and ran out the clock for the 47-45 win.

Why? Because