Men's Floor Hockey Spring 2014

Torey Krug

Back Row: James DiCianni, Jeremy Chaitin, Eric Dupuis, Nathan Bertrand, David Coscia, John Reidy,
Aaron Marcel
Front Row: Cameron Murphy, Alex Hayek, Chris Boselli

Championship Game Summary
Torey Krug 1, District 5 Ducks 0

The Inaugural Men’s Floor hockey Championship was played between Torey Krug and the District 5 Ducks. Both teams came out hustling hard and ready to score goals. The intensity was high throughout the game and especially during the first couple minutes. Both goaltenders were tested early and often, but no goals were allowed in the first period. Torey Krug’s goaltender made several spectacular saves that would have been a goal in any other game.

In the second period, the pace of the game settled down some as teams began to value possession of the ball more the number of scoring chances they could get. There were less shots taken, but they were of higher quality in this period. District 5 Ducks committed a slashing penalty halfway through the period to send Torey Krug onto a powerplay. This man-up situation for Torey Krug yielded no scoring though as District 5 Ducks’ goaltender and defense was prepared for the onslaught of shots. After the penalty was over, District 5 Ducks took control of the pace of the game taking shot after shot on Torey Krug, but the goalie had seemingly transformed into a brick wall. At the end of the second period, the game was still tied at zero.

The third period saw more of the same from both team’s goaltenders. No matter how great the scoring opportunity was, no player could manage to get the ball by these guys. So the game would be sent into overtime. Since it was the championship game, both teams agreed that this game should not end in a shootout. Officials and supervisors decided that we will continue in sudden death overtime until someone put a goal in the net. The overtime continued with nice passing and scoring opportunities, but was not outdone by the marvelous goalie play. The game continued into the third five-minute overtime period. Both teams were looking sucking air, but neither would call a timeout. With 38 seconds left in triple overtime, Torey Krug’s forward netted the championship-winning-goal, cutting across the slot and squeaking the ball past District 5 Ducks’ goaltender. The conclusion of the Inaugural Men’s Floor Hockey season meant that Torey Krug was crowned as champion.

District 5 Ducks
Left to Right: James DiCianni, Joe Tucciarone,  Kevin Poulin, Michael Fitman, JT Adee, Andrew Rogantino, Steven Kragosian, James Harrison, Ryan Mavaro