Women's Flag Football Fall 2013

Retired Athletes

Back Row: Stephanie Brockert, Nicoline Lomas, Paige Ryder, Ellen Davia, Melissa Laquerre,
Gabby Hayward
Front Row: Kaylah Klecza, Christine Hurley, Michelle Gargiulo


Championship Game Summary
Retired Athletes 8, Deep Throw It 4

The game was played by teams Retired Athletes (Black) and Deep Throw (Yellow). Retired Athletes scored initially off a short pass and long break away by Kaylah Kleczka for forty yards downfield. They went for a two point conversion which they completed successfully off of a pass from Christine Hurley. The ball was deflected by a player on Deep Throw, but caught by a player on Retired Athletes to be awarded the two points. That made the score 8-0 in favor of Retired Athletes.

After this play, Deep Throw was unable to get a first down so they opted to punt the ball. Retired Athletes was also unable to get a first down and chose to punt the ball. Deep Throw received the ball on the 26 yard line and ran it to the 31 yard line. After several plays, Deep Throw made their way down the field and threw for a touchdown. They opted to go for a two point conversion which they completed. However, there was a flag on the play due to an illegal forward pass. This ruled their PAT no good. At the end of the half the score was 8-6, Retired Athletes.

To start off the second half, each team was unable to get a first down.  At nine minutes into the half, Deep Throw made a first down at the 40 yard line. Unfortunately, they threw an interception, giving Retired Athletes possession of the ball. Retired Athletes had the ball on their 26 yard line but was unable to get a drive moving and ended up punting the ball away. On Deep Throw’s possession, they threw an interception. Retired Athletes collected a first down with a huge catch by Paige Ryder who jumped into the air and carried the ball to the 20 yard line. At this point the clock had run down to 1:15 left in the game. With this much time left, and the amount of distance left, Retired Athletes had clinched the title with the final score of 8-6.

Deep Throw It

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Alphabetical: Janelle Bloom, Meghan Cassidy, Jennifer Hale, Laura Irwin, Michelle Linkletter,
Kati Morgan, Jennifer Russo, Kylie Wojcicki, Nina Zakotnik