Co-Rec Flag Football Fall 2013

Pick Six

Back Row: Joe Nguyen, Sean Heaney, Matt Fung, Richard Silva, Ellis Cusler, Cody Sloniecki, Joseph Johnson
Middle Row: Carolyn Foreman, Ariel Solomon, Lindsey Hickey, Alex May, Stephanie Hogan, Danielle Womer
Front Row: Christopher Magalhaes, Matthew Schell


Championship Game Summary
Pick Six 20, Little Giants 6

The 2013 Flag Football Co-Rec Finals was the battle of the unbeaten, as Pick Six took on the Little Giants. Pick Six clearly showed their flag football dominance by winning the Men’s All Campus Championship 2 consecutive years and were now seeking their first Co-Rec Flag Football Championship. However, the Little Giants were eager to show why they were the number one seed heading into the playoffs.

The game started in dramatic fashion when the first play from scrimmage ended in a safety on Little Giants quarterback and Pick Six took a quick 2-0 lead. Pick Six then started their drive with a long play taking it to Little Giants’ 10 yard line. This didn’t seem to fluster the Little Giants as the next play was intercepted by Alex-Marc-Aurele in the end zone. Eager to start their second drive off on the right foot, Little Giants began getting some short gains. Pick Six’ Joey Johnson put an end to Little Giants’ drive by intercepting the ball at the 35 yard line.

Pick Six began their drive in great field position, allowing them to work the ball into the red zone and eventually to the 1 yard line. The Little Giants defense had a huge goal line stand forcing a turnover on downs. With tough field position to start, the Little Giants had to punt. Pick Six scored on their next possession on a pass for Ricky Silva to wide out Sean Heaney with just 30 seconds left in the half to make it 8-0. A strategic timeout by Little Giants allowed them to have one more play before the half. A long pass from Riley Carroll to Patrick Jackman brought them all the way down to Pick Six’ 15 yard line. The aerial assault was a little too late, as Little Giants were unable to get another play off before time expired for the half.

After deferring in the first half, Pick Six started with the ball. A quick three and out forced them to punt. A big punt return from Adrienne Lobrano brought Little Giants to the Pick Six 20 yard line. Back to back sacks by Matt Schell caused a 4th down in which the Little Giants could not convert. Pick Six retained the ball and had a beautiful drive, capped off by a touchdown pass from Silva to Cody Sloniecki making it 14-0 Pick Six. Pick Six’s following possession ended in another touchdown from Ricky Silva to Sean Heaney making it 20-0 with 7:40 left in the game. The Little Giants were finally able to put points on the board with under a minute to go in the game on a touchdown pass to Spencer McKay. Unfortunately the comeback was too little too late for the Little Giants. The game ended with a score of 20-6, and Pick Six continued to leave their mark on UMass Amherst Intramural Program.

Little Giants

Back Row: Patrick Jackman, Andrew Vliet, Spencer McKay, Alex Marc-Aurele, Matthew Pelletier,
Matthew Hagerty, Riley Carroll
Front Row: Lauren Cardon, Shaina McGinnis, Jessica Andrade, Adrienne Lobrano