Men's All-Campus Flag Football Fall 2013

Pick Six

Back Row: Alex Porter, Cody Sloniecki, Zachary Plourde, Richard Silva, Kevin Pomerleau, Ellis Casher, Ryan Imbriano, Alex Estrella
Front Row: Chris Magalhaes, Sean Heaney, Matt Fung, Matthew Schell


Championship Game Summary
Pick Six 39, Zeta Beta Tau 0

It was all lime green tonight as Pick Six capped off one of the most dominant seasons in UMass history beating ZBT 39-0. Throughout the entire season, Pick Six never allowed a point. Things did not change on this night. Pick Six started the game with the ball and put the pedal to the medal from the get go.  Matthew Schell, after receiving a pitch from QB Ricky Silva, tossed it downfield to Sean Heaney who slipped away from his defender and then pitched it back to Silva who then ran it into the end zone for 6. 

ZBT tried to even score but two plays into their first possession, Kevin Pomerleau picked off QB Thomas Blinn’s pass which led to an 8 yard TD catch by Alex Porter. After ZBT turned the ball over on downs  ZBT, Pick Six was at it again. Wideout Cody Sloniecki capped off this drive with a leaping catch across the back of the end zone to put Pick Six up three scores. With time running out in the second half, ZBT had a chance on fourth and short at the midfield line, but again was stopped by the boys in green. This then led to a five yard TD run by Silva to close out the half at 26-0.

ZBT got the ball to start the second half. A 40 yard catch and run followed by a 15 yard catch by Brian Johnson gave ZBT new life, but just like that, Pick Six’s Alex Porter intercepted the ball at the three yard line to stop all momentum being built up by the Fraternity team in blue. Pick Six moved all the way down field to toss up a 10 yard jump ball to Sloniecki who came out on top and scored six more for Pick Six. The game was all but over for ZBT, but it was about pride now. Could they be the first team to score a point against the legendary Pick Six? ZBT started to move the ball with a few missed flag grabs and sideline catches. Due to a penalty, ZBT got the ball to the three yard line of Pick Six. Unfortunately, they could not get the ball over the goal line and they turned it over on downs. The clocked ticked down to five minutes remaining and the mercy whistle blew. Both teams played well. Congrats to both for a great game.

Zeta Beta Tau

Back Row: Christopher McKnight, Brian Johnson, Joseph Bartolomeo, Thomas Blinn, Scott Schachter,
Gino Monsini
Front Row: David Kaufman, Dean Lothrop, Todd Cresta