Men's Flag Football Fall 2012

Pick Six

Back Row: Joe Johnson, Alex Estrella, Ricky Silva, Alex Porter, Josh Savoy,
Cody Sloniecki
Front Row: Matt Shell, Kevin Pomerleau, Sean Heaney


Championship Game Summary
Pick Six 27, The Deep Web 24

There was a chill in the air on the night of November 8, 2012 but you could tell the two teams were fired up for this championship game. The contest between Pick Six and The Deep Web would prove to be an on-the-edge-of-your-seat thriller by two extraordinary teams.

Pick Six won the toss and chose to defer their option to the section half, which gave The Deep Web possession of the ball first. The game didn’t start off too well for The Deep Web, having a penalty for an illegal forward pass and play for no gain on their first two plays. However, things looked a little better when they got a call for roughing the passer on the very next play, but they just couldn’t seem to punch it in on this drive.

The first score came on a rush from the quarterback of Pick Six, Ricky Silva. With a defensive pass interference on the one point try, Pick Six was given another opportunity and were able to convert, making the score 7-0. The Deep Web’s second possession proved to be more rewarding. They drove the ball downfield with authority.  A quarterback rush from Victor Ronca put 6 points on the board for The Deep Web. An unsuccessful one point try left Pick Six ahead with a score of 7-6.

After another drive from Pick Six, Matt Schell caught a pass from Ricky Silva and put it in the end zone to extend their lead to 14-6 with a successful try for one point. With just about two minutes remaining in the half The Deep Web got the ball back and was looking to score to tie the game up. With the ball near the 30 yard line going in, time was running out. Victor Ronca was looking to his receivers and threw a long ball downfield which fell incomplete, but with a flag in the backfield and no time left on the clock for the first half, everyone waited for the call.

Roughing the passer on the defense gave The Deep Web one more play before the end of the half.  Victor Ronca dropped back again and scanned the field for receivers.  He threw the ball deep downfield but the pass fell incomplete. Going into the second half, Pick Six had the advantage with a score of 14-6.

The second half of this contest would be a nail-biter. It seemed to be The Deep Web’s time when Eric Thomas intercepted a pass at mid field on Pick Six’s opening drive. The Deep Web capitalized on the turnover when Victor Ronca threw a pass to Jordan Ervin to lessen the lead to 14-12. The try for two was unsuccessful and with 15 minutes remaining in the game, Pick Six was given the ball again. 

With momentum from the interception and the touchdown, The Deep Web was not ready to give up. Tom Ciulla was the difference maker in this half for The Deep Web when he intercepted the ball with 13 minutes left and just two plays later had a long 40-yard touchdown reception to put The Deep Web ahead of Pick Six for the first time in the game with a score of 18-14. Pick Six wasn’t ready to give up in this battle either, and so with a jump ball in the end zone on Pick Six’s next possession, they came down with the ball to once again put them ahead of The Deep Web at 20-18.

The feeling in the air was that neither of these teams wanted to lose.  That’s why The Deep Web fought past a tough flag guarding call that brought back a touchdown, and scored on a touchdown pass from Victor Ronca to Tim Higgins to make the score 24-20 in favor of The Deep Web. With the ball inside the 20-yard line and 1st and goal, Pick Six’s quarterback, Ricky Silva, threw up a pass to Matt Schell with 1:09 remaining to put them back on top 26-24.  After the successful one point try, it was 27-24.

The way that this game was going, it seemed like with 1:09 on the clock, anything could happen. The pressure from Pick Six’s rushers caused a sack on first down, which made The Deep Web use their first timeout of the game. After two more incomplete passes, The Deep Web’s dreams hung in the balance of this fourth down play. A completed pass from Victor Ronca gave The Deep Web a first down and another chance to win the game.

With only 26 seconds remaining on the clock, they called their final timeout. As the players lined up for the play after the timeout, you could tell that something big was going to happen.  You just couldn’t tell which way it was going to go. As the ball was snapped, Matt Schell rushed Victor Ronca and as Ronca went to throw the pass, Schell grabbed the ball out of the air and came down with the interception to seal the deal for Pick Six. It was a great battle between two persistent and incredible teams, but in the end, it was Pick Six who proved they have more game.

The Deep Web

Back Row: Alan James, Jordan Ervin, Eric Kyriacou, Dan McGill
Front Row: Thomas Ciulla, Tom Higgins, Marc Jessi, Victor Ronca