Fraternity Flag Football Fall 2012

Pi Kappa Alpha

Back Row: Joe McSweeney, Sean McGrath, David Mitchell, James Murray, Nick Pepe
Front Row: Henry Lui, David Abt, Michael Capano, Dan Tattoli, Chris Lehmann


Championship Game Summary
Pi Kappa Alpha 27, Theta Chi 13

On a brisk evening in November, two teams took the field for a 40-minute contest that would decide the champion of the Greek flag football bracket. With both sidelines of McGuirk stadium filled with screaming fans, Theta Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha took the field. Both teams, energized and beaming with pride, were to be showcasing the best their fraternities had to offer. Pi Kappa Alpha came into the game with a 3-0 regular season effort, while Theta Chi boasted a 4-0 record respectively.

Theta Chi seized possession via the coin toss to begin the match, but the game’s momentum was quickly shifted in the favor of PIKE as Sean McGrath picked off the ball to bring the offense onto the field for the first time. Quarterback David Abt wasted no time as he took the snap and broke off a long rush up the middle of the field. The next play, he tried to repeat that success but was brought down behind the line by Zachary Carpenter. Not to be outdone by his own success, Carpenter stormed back on 2nd down with a huge pull after a check down to Joe McSweeny to force a 3rd and goal. On 4th down, Abt floated one to the corner of the end zone to Damiano Tattoli for a touchdown. The conversion was successful to post an early score of 7-0.

Retaking the field, the Theta Chi offense struck quickly with a 20-yard strike from Taylor Offer to Harry Washington.  Washington became heavily featured in the drive as he subsequently caught a diving catch, and then a great leaping catch to put the offense inside the 5 yard line. To cap off this quick driving burst, Trevor Donoghue snuck into the end zone to put them on the board. The point after was also converted through an end around to Washington to square the game at 7.

PIKE returned to the field but a Carpenter sack on first down set the tone for a huge 3 and out. Mike Capano kicked a booming punt down the field to back Theta Chi up next to their own goal line. Chris Lehmann took little time to take advantage of this great defensive field position and picked off the ball and was ruled down at the 7. The very next play Abt rolled out to his right and fired a strike to Capano in the end zone for the score.  The extra point was batted down by Evan Twomey to set the score at 13-7.

Washington, who was now under center to attempt to direct a 2-minute offense, scrambled free for a 20 yard gain with under 1 minute remaining in the half. Twomey picked up another first down, snatching the ball away from a weary defender. Washington scrambled around trying to buy time for a receiver to break free down the field but was sacked by McGrath. Theta Chi killed the clock with a timeout with 30 ticks away from the midgame break.  On the last play of the half Lehmann almost intercepted a lateral but it slipped right through his hands as he was staring down the field looking at daylight for the potential pick six.  Time for orange slices; at the half PIKE led 13-7.

One half remained, this was the time when legends were established, and regrets were fostered. PIKE took the field to begin the half. Mirroring the first half, Abt once again took to the ground to run for 20 yards. The next play: a pitch in the back field to Lehmann who turned the corner up the field and almost hit the home run, but Twomey was there to save the touchdown with a diving flag grab on the sideline. A Carpenter sack the next play could not ignite Theta Chi’s defense, as David Mitchell went soaring over a defender in the end zone to pull in a beautifully placed pass by Abt.  The connection was so nice they did it twice, as Abt went right back to Mitchell for the point after to make it 20-7, placing a lot of pressure on Theta Chi’s offense.

Washington, who was a stand out in the first half, looked to continue his run, and refused to lose as he sprinted up-field and cut in front of a defender to leap up and reel the throw in. He was not there as he high tailed it down field to pay dirt for an incredible 60-yard touchdown. The point after was unsuccessful as the cold finally set in, and the ball bounced off the hands of Jeremy Quill as he pursued the ball deep in the end zone.

Theta Chi needed a stop here to get the ball back and look to even up the 20-13 score before time ran out. Colin Donoghue covered a lot of ground as he crossed the field to grab the flag to try to set the tone. However, McSweeny came right back with a short catch, and really racked up some YAC as he snaked his way down the field. Nick Pepe picked up a huge 1st down, but the offense immediately stalled with Theta Chi coming up with a huge 4th down stop as Jeremy Quill batted a ball down in the end zone to give his team another shot.

Just when things were looking up, the momentum came to a screeching halt as Mitchell picked off the very first play of the drive to give possession right back to PIKE. To literally add injury to insult, impact player Harry Washington was forced to leave the game with a dislocated shoulder.

PIKE isn’t in the business of sympathy as they capitalized on both a weaker secondary and short field position. David Abt once again threw a perfect pass to the back shoulder of his receiver to tack on the morale-crushing touchdown. The point after to Mitchell all but sealed the deal to make it a 27-13 game. After a short drive by Theta Chi, giving their all to come up with a miracle, time expired. Theta Chi put in a valiant effort. Pi Kappa Alpha rushed the field overjoyed with their success. They were crowned the very first UMass flag football Fraternity League champions. However, they could not dole too long on their victory, as they had to look ahead to the All-Campus Championship to face a daunting Pick Six team who were primed for a clash of the champions.

Theta Chi

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Alphabetical: Dylan Bowers, Zachary Carpenter, Colin Donoghue, Trevor Donoghue,
Isaac Jimenez, Scott McPherran, Jeremy Quill, Max Shuchman, Ethan Taylor, Evan Twomey, Harry Washington