Co-Rec Flag Football Fall 2012


Back Row: Molly Caffelle, Allie Smith, Samantha Prescott, Crystaltina Montagna, Katelyn Kotfila
Front Row: Kevin Fogg, David Sweeney, Jeffrey Salem, Anthony Ortiz, Joe Van Gelder, James Hayes, Jason Incorvati


Championship Game Summary
Legacy 9, Isenberg Icicles 0

Everyone expected a defensive battle coming into the Co-Rec Flag Football championship game between Legacy and the Isenberg Icicles. Both Legacy and Isenberg Icicles had only let up 4 and 5.4 points per game, respectively, in the regular season. Each team only had one loss in the season, so it was no surprise to have such a close game throughout.

After winning the coin toss, Isenberg Icicles decided to defer until the second half, leaving Legacy with the first possession. Legacy immediately started rolling and the drive was capped off with a 50 yard touchdown pass from Katelyn Kotfila to Joe Van Gelder quickly making the score 9-0. Isenberg Icicles were eager to respond with their first offensive drive, but were held without a first down thanks to a big third down sack by Legacy’s Jeffrey Salemi. After Isenberg Icicles’ punt, Legacy efficiently moved the ball on offense eventually setting up a 4th and goal from the 6 yard line. On fourth down, Isenberg Icicles’ Brandon Yelovich had a big defensive deflection on a pass in the end zone which ended the half with the score remaining 9-0. The second half began with Isenberg Icicles’ possession. The drive was not the big start to the half that they were hoping for. They never seemed to get into the flow of their offense, mostly because of the defensive pressure of Legacy.

After another short possession, they were forced to punt. Isenberg Icicles defense finally started to show, with what seemed to be a huge interception by Joseph Mason which he took back for a touchdown. However, a roughing the passer penalty brought the whole play back and took away from their first touchdown of the game. Although this was an enormous set back, the penalty would not hold their defense back from doing their job. After a big sack by Joseph Mason, Isenberg Icicles were able to force a turnover on downs with a batted down pass in the end zone by Kyle Detz.

With an important possession of the game approaching, Legacy’s defense really started to play with more intensity. Jeff Salemi recorded his third sack of the game, pushing Isenberg Icicles’ offense back. David Sweeney made a big flag pull right before the first down line to prevent Isenberg Icicles’ offense from getting going. Tenacious defense was what Legacy had relied on all year, specifically in the playoffs, and that’s what eventually won them the game. The 9-0 victory added to Legacy’s third straight playoff game shut-out, making them the 2012 Co-Rec Flag Football Intramural Champions.

Isenberg Icicles
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Alphabetical: Ian Confer, Michelle Confer, Lindsey Darvin, Kyle Detz, Jesse Fadale, Glenn Harrington, Rachel Krasnow, Joseph Mason, Todd Nebeker, Emily Radwon, Matthew Smith, Brandon Yelowich