Men's All-Campus Flag Football Fall 2012

Pick Six

Back Row: Joe Johnson, Sean Heaney, Cody Sloniecki, Ricky Silva
Front Row: Matt Shell, Kevin Pomerleau, Sam Coopersmith


Championship Game Summary
Pick Six 27, Pi Kappa Alpha 13

The All-Campus Flag Football championship took place at McGuirk Stadium on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 featuring PickSix wearing yellow and Pi Kappa Alpha wearing black. PickSix won the coin toss, giving Pike the ball for the first half. Pike managed to move the ball downfield very well against a tough PickSix defense. After three great defensive stops, Pike faced fourth and goal from the 3-yard line. A short pass to Joe McSweeney resulted in a touchdown for Pike. The point after attempt was missed.

PickSix took over at the 14-yard line with 14:30 remaining in the half. PickSix displayed a fast-moving offense, but were brought to a stop on a big fourth down interception with 11 yards to the line to gain. A pass interference penalty on Pike nulled the interception and gave PickSix an automatic first down with only inches to gain. During the first down play, the quarterback scrambled, attempting to find an open receiver, but Pike’s tough defense forced the quarterback to run with the ball. A three yard gain gave the offense a first and goal from the 17-yard line. The offense quickly lined up on the line of scrimmage. After the snap, the quarterback found Matt Schell in the back of the end zone for a touchdown. The extra point attempt was completed to Sean Heaney.

PickSix led 7-6 with 7 minutes left in the half. Pike responded quickly with a 20-yard pass completion that brought them to PickSix’s 21-yard line. PickSix committed a roughing the passer penalty that resulted in a Pike first and goal from the 4.5 yard line. Pike called a timeout with 1:19 left. During the timeout, Pike came up with a well-designed play that resulted in a touchdown caught by David Mitchell. The attempt for one was good. The score was now 13-7, Pike leading. PickSix’s offense took over with one minute remaining. PickSix, in an attempt to score with 10 seconds left on the clock, threw a long pass. The ball was almost intercepted, but the back judge called a big pass interference penalty that gave PickSix one more attempt to score before halftime. The pass was incomplete and both teams met on their respective sidelines.

PickSix chose to start the second half with the ball. A great drive brought PickSix to a first down and goal from the 19-yard line. Pike’s defense made some great stops which only allowed a 7 yard gain. PickSix was faced with a third down from Pike’s 12-yard line, but a great defensive stop caused a 5 yard loss. PickSix went for it on fourth down. A completed pass in the end zone, once again, to Sean Heaney tied the score. PickSix took back the lead with a successful one point attempt with 11:30 left in the game. Pike found themselves on a fourth and long situation and were forced to punt.

A solid drive by PickSix brought them to the one-yard line, where Ricky Silva ran the ball into the end zone. The extra point was successful (PickSix lead 21-13). Pike was now fighting against the clock and PickSix’s defense. An unsuccessful drive forced a fourth down with 16 yards to the line to gain. An incomplete pass turned the ball over and PickSix took possession of the ball. Cody Sloniki caught a touchdown pass, which gave PickSix a comfortable 27-13 lead. The clock ran out and both teams shook hands. By: Abraham Rubin


Pi Kappa Alpha

Back Row: Joe McSweeney, Sean McGrath, David Mitchell, James Murray, Nick Pepe
Front Row: Henry Lui, David Abt, Michael Capano, Dan Tattoli, Chris Lehmann