Men's Flag Football Fall 2011

The Gang

Back Row: Zachary Wolfman, Samuel Mellus, Benjamin Gould,
Benjamin Klein, Michael Rothman
Front Row: Atanas Gisdov, Rojay Wagner, Michael Spiro, Richard Goldstein


Championship Game Summary
The Gang 13, Ice Cold Bruschis 12

On a beautiful November night, UMass intramurals played host to a fantastic men’s flag football championship. The matchup pitted The Gang against the Ice Cold Bruschis. Both teams were comprised of seniors who had played together for four years.

The beginning of the first half was a defensive battle. The Gang's first possession resulted in a punt. The Bruschis were disguising their blitzes well, as Tim Shea and John Guzze consistently got at the quarterback. The Gang answered with their own stop in Bruschis opening drive. Great defensive plays from Sun Jae Song clogged up the passing lanes. The Bruschis once again stopped the Gang on their next possession. It was a big stop for the Bruschis. They used this momentum on their next series. Bruschis quarterback Kyle Ross threw absolute darts to Cliff Boucherau to march down the field. Ross hit wideout Ahmed Usman on a beautifully-timed route in the corner of the end zone to put Brushis up by 6. The Gang quickly answered as quarterback Rojay Wagner tore apart the defense with his accuracy. Quick out routes to receivers Atanas Gizdov, as well as beautiful post patterns to Richard Goldstein, set up a quick touchdown for the Gang. With less than two minutes in the half, the Bruschis answered. Ross threw a perfect deep ball to John Capo to land in the Gang’s redzone. Ross threw again to Usman to put Brushcis up 12-7 at the half.

Both teams knew they were one half away from what they had worked so hard. Four years ago, both teams were primarily freshmen who dreamed of a chance to wear the red t-shirt to represent flag football glory. Now these dreams were within their grasps. The Bruschis started with the ball but were denied on a fourth down sack by Gisdov. The Gang were able to get into the Bruschis red zone in the next possession. However, Shea had a big-time sack that forced the Gang into a long yardage situation. With about ten minutes left, the Gang got the ball back and Wagner went to work. The accuracy of some of his throws was jaw-dropping. He showed a rifle for an arm with incredible touch. Wagner and Goldstein repeatedly connected for short and long gains to drive down the field. On the one-ard line, the Gang used the unstoppable wall play. With everyone on the line, Wagner walked in for the easy touchdown.

The Gang was up 13-12 and could taste victory. But Ross and his boys would not go down without a fight. On a fourth down and 40, after multiple great defensive plays by Song, Ross connected with Capo for a first down. Ross then connected with Boucherau for yet another first down. On 2nd and goal, Ross dropped back to pass. Gisdov's rush pressured Ross to move to his right. Ross's lofty pass for Bouchreau was tipped and landed in the hands of Sam Mellus to ice the championship for the Gang.

It was euphoria on the field for the Gang who finally earned their flag football maroon shirt. One Gand player said, “I have like 5 of these shirts now,” but another player replied, “Yes, but this is the best one.” Indeed. It is the best one, and the Gang deserved it.

Ice Cold Bruschis

Left to Right: John Capo, Cliff Boucherew, Kyle Ross, Kyle Miklin, Shaun Gilliard,
Edward Perkins, Ross Kendall, Ahmed Usman, John Guzze, Timothy Shea,
Nicholas Holt, Stephen Canning