Co-Rec Flag Football Fall 2011


Back Row: Greta Becker, Ryan Reeves, Matthew Mettler, Benjamin Mohr, Jan Pantelli
Front Row: Charles Swofford, Lisa Leone, Brent Hammer, George Ramos, Emily Pentzer, Jana Hentzberger


Championship Game Summary
Cheggers 15, Kyle's Revenge 6

On a glittering night of flag football, two teams emerged from a competitive co-rec playoff bracket. Cheggers and Kyle’s Revenge stood on the biggest stage with 40 minutes separating them and the crown. Fresh off a game, both teams needed to put fatigue out of their minds and fuel themselves with adrenaline for the second game of the night.

Kyle’s Revenge won the coin toss and elected to defer to the second half. Cheggers began the game by putting together a solid drive and moving the ball down the field. On 4th down at the 20-yard line of their opponent, the Cheggers momentum came to an abrupt halt when a Kyle's Revenge rusher slithered through the line, lunged for the flag and came up with a huge stop.

Unfortunately, Kyle’s Revenge couldn’t use this big play to catapult their offense. On their first offensive play, a moderately deep pass was picked off by George Ramos and brought back to the house for a pick six. The PAT was broken up by Kate Kotfila who batted down a pass near the line of scrimmage.

The offensive struggles for Kyle’s Revenge continued throughout the rest of the half, and became the main story for them as they were unable to get in-sync. Matt Mettler was huge for Cheggers and recorded numerous sacks throughout the game. One led Cheggers to get the ball back late in the half. Cheggers proceeded to orchestrate a seamless drive pinpointed around Emily Pentzer. Pentzer was involved in every play of the drive, whether a running play for a big gain or passes to Ramos and tall receiver Ben Mohr, who was utilized perfectly to open up closed plays. Mohr's height and athleticism made him virtually unstoppable with the "loft the ball up and retrieve it" situations. The drive was capped by Pentzer's touchdown catch for 9 points. After another unsuccessful PAT, Cheggers led 15-0.

In the second half, Kyle's Revenge QB Max Jacobs came out firing and lead an impressive drive to the 5-yard line. Kotfila and Kyle Westberg shined with a few great catches before Brent Hammer picked off Jacobs in the end zone to kill the drive.

Ramos could not get the passing game going and, with 11 minutes left in the game, Jake Evers made a spectacular interception. This time it was Mello Barros's time to shine with a few nice catches, including a tip-toe grab on the sideline, before Jacobs connected with Barros for their first score of the game. Back in the game 15-6 and riding on this momentum, Kyle's Revenge looked for a defensive stop. A pair of great flag snags by Westberg and Barros forced Cheggers to stare at a 3rd and long. A jump ball-type pass play was knocked down by Barros. On 4th down, Cheggers elected to punt and put the game in their defense’s hands. Luckily, the punt reception was flubbed and blown dead near Kyle’s own goal line. With just under two minutes left, Jacobs and company faced the undesirable task of moving the ball the length of the field for tie or win.

The drive began badly as a dropped backwards pass put Kyle's Revenge even further back and allowed precious seconds to tick off the clock. On the next play, Jacobs was picked off with 48 seconds left, but the play was brought back due to a roughing the passer penalty. A big run after catch by Kotfila brought Kyle's Revenge near midfield with 24 seconds remaining. At this time when legends are born and championship t-shirts are won and lost, who would step up? On the very next play that question was answered. Jacobs, backpedaling to evade the rush, threw a high, arching pass into the waiting arms of Cheggers safety Mohr to clinch the game.

Kyle's Revenge

Left to Right: Kyle Westberg, Lauren Hague, Melo Barros, Nick Corcoran, Katie Kotfila, Maximilian Jacobs, Kerry Cameron, Jenna Tucker