Women's Flag Football Fall 2009


Back Row:  Bethany Cooke, Meaghan O’Malley, Alyssa Cooke
Front Row:  Alyssa Rousso, Stephanie Miller


Championship Game Summary
Team Blizettes 20, TBD 6

After a strong revival last season, the women’s flag football division took another step forward as eight teams competed for the championship.  Though no team went undefeated, the talent pool provided many tough gridiron battles throughout the season as each team displayed their strengths and weaknesses.

Team Blitzettes, formerly known as The Jelly Beans, came into year as the seasoned veterans.  They fell one step short of the title last season in the championship game to the retired Fancy Pants.  They showed their experience by posting a 4-1 regular season record, while not allowing more than 12 points.  TBD, on the other hand, entered the season as a first year team comprised of a number of eager young athletes put together at the singles’ meeting.  TBD’s competitiveness and energy level pioneered their regular season record to a 3-2 mark.

The championship match-up between Team Blitzettes and TBD set up a rematch of the last regular game where Team Blitzettes won a aggressive 20-12 battle.  Each team proved to be each other’s toughest opponent.  The title game began another defensive battle as Alyssa Rousseau intercepted a TBD pass on the game’s second play.  On the very next play, TBD countered with a Julie Sampson interception only to have their possession cut short when Team Blitzettes’ Stephanie Miller picked off a third pass around midfield.   The amazing secondary play continued for each team as TBD intercepted a Team Blizettes in the endzone.  Finally, a short dump pass from Meghan O’Malley provided the game’s first score as the ever-quick Miller knifed through the strong TBD defense for a 25-yard touchdown.  A quarterback scamper on the 1-point ‘after attempt’ ended the half at 7-0, a half highlighted by an impressive five interceptions. 

Team Blitzettes used their momentum to march down the field on the 2nd half’s opening drive.  This was capped off by a O’Malley running touchdown extending their lead to 13.  After a turnover on downs, O’Malley again showcased her quickness and agility to reach the end zone to bring the score to 20-0.  TBD did not bow down to this large deficit; TBD displayed their competitiveness, which defined their season, on the following drive.  A beautiful 20-yard pass from Jane Studney to Lainey Congdon followed with the same pair hooking up on the 2 yard touchdown pass for TBD’s first score of the game.  Up 20-6, Team Blitzettes was forced punt from their own 2-yard-line as TBD’s defense regained their first half form.  Studney led TBD down the field on a series of runs and the completion of a 30 yard pass play.  Studney’s strong-willed play guided TBD to scoring position.  Unfortunately, a Studney touchdown pass was called back due to a flag guarding penalty.  On the next play, Miller intercepted the ball to secure Team Blitzettes’ outstanding championship season. 

(Alphabetical): Mona Aoude, Chelsea Blanchard, Lainey Congdon,
Rachael Freid, Eliza Greene, Kate Henoch, Grace Kelley, Brittany Linn, Margaret O’Callaghan, Julie Sampson, Kathleen Shea, Jane Studeny,
Lily Thomas, Anna Todd