Men's Flag Football Fall 2009

Simple Jacks

Back Row:  Thomas MacDonald, Matthew Alemany, Douglas Pawlishen, Zachary Bynoe, Jason Becker, James Colt, Shawn Ciot
Front Row: Van Stephens, Brian Martin, Justin Kuchar, Gregory Doucette,
Marc Malamut, Mark Alemany, Robert Feliz


Championship Game Summary
Simplejacks 19, The Gang 6

With a season of unlikely heroes, Simplejacks squared off against The Gang in the men’s flag football championship on a clear November night. Wining the coin toss, The Gang deferred their option for the ball and let Simplejacks have the ball first.  Simplejacks completed three sharp passes & capped off the drive with a touchdown reception by Justin Kuchar, who also added the PAT for the early 7-0 lead. Simplejacks continued to come out strong.  On their first defensive series, a timely Jason Becker intercepted a third and long bomb, and the ensuing play resulted in a 48-yard romp by Mark Alemany to put Simplejacks up 13-0. The Gang finally got things rolling despite heavy pressure by Simplejack’s Doug Pawlishen, and scored on a Ben Gould touchdown. Playing to the intensity, The Gang’s defense responded to the score with a sack by Sun Jae Song to hold Simplejacks before the break.

The Gang started with the ball in the 2nd half, but things turned unfavorable right away.  On their first possession, a pressured Gang quarterback threw a quick interception to Simplejack’s Tom MacDonald. The second half would continue to be back and forth, as Simplejacks completed a short third and one, but threw an interception to Song.  The Gang would give it right back to Becker again in the end zone. Simplejacks wouldn’t give the ball away this time.  Alemaney caught the ball for the team’s third score.  Two consecutive sacks gave The Gang the ball with 1:50 left in the game.  Becker would again to the hero, recording his third interception to almost certainly seal the win. The Gang’s Zach Wolfman would not quit that easily, though.  He picked a Simplejacks pass to try to help his team.  Just as the half started, it would end the same way -- with an Alemany interception to give Simplejacks their first intramural championship.

The Gang
Intramural Flag Football Runner-up

(Alphabetical): James Dandrea, Atanas Gizdov, Richard Goldstein, Benjamin Gould, Benjamin Harris Klein, Michael Rothman, Sun Jae Song, Michael Spiro, Rojay Wagner, Zachary Wolfman