Co-Rec Flag Football Fall 2009

Axis II Ballers

Back Row:  Linda Chung, Karen Riska, Alexis Gidley, Elizabeth Russell, Michelle Laboda, Angela Pazzaglia, Anita Christie
Front Row:  Kevin O’Fallon, Ross Miller, Michael Constantino, James Hayes, Robert Gerber


Championship Game Summary
Axis II Ballers 41, Team Blitz 21

With double digit wins in all their regular season games but one, Axis II Ballers was the team that most people thought would take the championship this year. After all, they were 3-time champions.  They didn’t disappoint.  The first half of the game showed that Axis II had come to play.  They scored 26 first half points to lead 26-12. Team Blitz was able to stop Axis II from scoring extra points and keep the game within reach with their strong rush defense.  Stephanie Miller and Megan O’Malley were not afraid to mix it up with some of the Axis II players on the line of scrimmage.

In the second half, O’Malley caught a pass in the endzone to score nine points and make the score 26-21. Axis II would answer on their next drive with a touchdown.  Jim Hayes caught a short pass and ran ten yards to the endzone. With the score 32-21, Axis II played strong defense to prevent Team Blitz from scoring for the rest of the game. Axis II  was able to score one more touchdown by throwing a pass to Lex Gidley in the end zone to seal the 42-21 victory.

Team Blitz
(Alphabetical): Tamra Brennan, Thomas Capparella, Alyssa Cooke, Thomas Gallagher, Timothy McGrath, Stephanie Miller, J. David Muench, Meghan O’Malley, Mark Rocheleau, Carolyn Romano, Maria Rougeau, Carla Stauber, Matthew Wilder