Men's Flag Football Fall 2008

Why So Serious?

Michael Boucher, David Fine, Daniel Gollinger, Arthur Jones, George Kelly, Patrick Kennavane, Jack Mitten, Brian Norcross, Robert Sanborn,
Matthew Sarkissian

Championship Game Summary
Why So Serious? 13, Spoke All-Stars 0

Riding the high of the previous night’s win over last year’s champ Falcons, Spoke All-Stars won the coin toss, marched down field & pushed past midfield into Why So Serious? territory on an impressive first drive led by Ben Summerhayes. As things looked to be clicking, the drive came to a halt, thanks in part to tough Seriousdefense. Spoke failed to convert on fourth and goal. With two quick sacks by Spoke’s Joel Hartunian, the Serious first offensive possession faced a long fourth down and elected to punt. Spoke’s ensuing drive found its way again into the red zone, but ended in a turnover with George Kelly’s interception and stingy Why So Serious? defense. Taking over at their own twelve-yard-line, Why So Serious? made its first drive into Spoke territory at the 4:30 mark in the first half. Quarterback Brian Norcross rolled left and, seeing no receivers open, took the ball on his own for the score. Leaving enough time on the clock for one more offensive push, Spokelooked to tack on a quick rebuttal, but instead forced a last-effort pass into the arms of Norcross. At the end of the half, Why So Serious? led 6-0. The second half started as fast as the first ended. On their first possession, Why So Serious? found pay dirt from another Norcross romp into the end zone for the 13-0 advantage. Now with the ball, Spoke All-Stars looked to change its first half ways. For a fourth time, they brought the ball into the Serious red zone. Facing fourth and goal, Summerhayes’s pass sailed high and just out of the arms of his receiver in the back of the end zone. With the momentum, Why So Serious? drove downfield eating up the clock, but couldn’t make the one-yard conversion on fourth and goal. Now with the ball & under two minutes, Spoke All-Stars made one last attempt toward the end zone to no avail. Why So Serious? rode out the game for the 13-0 win.

Spoke All Stars

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Christopher Adams, Joel Hartunian, John Henry Hunter, Joseph McLaughlin, Adam Morton, Jeffrey Nirenberg, Alex Summerhayes, Benjamin Summerhayes, Matthew Westgate