Men's Flag Football Fall 2007


Joseph Coulson, Joseph Dattoli, Edward Grady, Kyle Kidger, Jose Machado, Keith Mackenzie, Adam Pierce, Christopher Spears, Michael Towle

Championship Game Summary
Falcons 38, The Pipelayers 30

This year’s men’s flag football championship pitted offensive powerhouse Falcons versus The Pipelayers, an emerging team with their own offensive weapons and solid defense. In the first half, both teams lost the ball on their opening possession to an interception. On their second possession, both teams scored a touchdown. The Pipelayers were able to convert their PAT to lead 7-6. Later, with little time left in the half, Falcons methodically moved the ball downfield and scored a touchdown to take the 12-7 lead into halftime. In the 2nd half, Falcons unveiled their deep passing threat and successful runs and laterals. On the second play of the half, QB Edward Grady threw a short pass to Jose Machado who, just as he was about to be de-flagged, lateralled the ball to Kyle Kidger who ran for a touchdown. The Pipelayers came right back with their own drive into Falcons’ redzone. QB William Mauran’s throw to the endzone was tipped by Falcons’ linebacker Joseph Dattoli into the waiting arms of teammate Kidger for a touchback. With the score 20-7, Machado unleashed a bomb downfield into the outstretched arms of Grady for a touchdown. The PAT failed and the score was 26-7. The Pipelayers fought back into the game. They scored on their next possession, but the PAT was no good. Falcons then scored another touchdown. The Pipelayers weren’t done scoring yet. Thomas McGuire intercepted the PAT and ran it to the endzone for three points and the ball. The Pipelayers scored on the ensuing possession and trailed 32-22 with three minutes left. The Pipelayers’ hope of winning depended on their defense stopping the Falcons. But, the Falcons offense was much too powerful. Falcons added another touchdown pass from Machado.  The Pipelayers answered with a touchdown pass to Luke Mandly and a successful PAT. With only nine seconds left and the score at 38-30, Falcons took a knee and took the intramural flag football championship.    

The Pipelayers

Nicholas Campo, Kevin Devine, Joel Hartunian, Luke Mandly, William Mauran, Timothy McGee, Thomas McGuire, Kevin Morrissey, Michael Oppel,
Jonathan Richard, Russell Stott