Flag Football Co-Rec Champions Fall 2005


Trisha Antoine, Darnell Dunn, Yohanna Estime, Johnathan Fuller, Anthony Gibbs,
Valerie Louis, Eileen McRae, Joanel Micelin, Sabrina Haskins, Graces Rodriguez,
Shayna Smallwood, Giustino Veri, Ian White

 Championship Game Summary
ESPN 39, Happy Happy Hippos 29

The co-rec flag football season came to an exciting end with the championship game between Happy Happy Hippos and ESPN. After two halves of exchanging touchdowns, ESPN came away with a 40-29 win. Early in the game, Hippos Mike Bulger intercepted a pass intended for ESPN’s co-captain Ian White. Hippos marched downfield and quarterback Joe Collins connected with Lauren Kentouris to take a 10-0 after the conversion. Possessions exchanged after interceptions for both teams, but ESPN managed to gain enough momentum. White caught a pass in the endzone to make the score 10-6. ESPN was unable to convert due to an illegal forward pass penalty, but recovered with a quick TD pass to co-captain Eileen McRae on the next possession, and another after the Hippos tried to put a dent on their run. With the score 24-16, Hippos found some spark after co-captain James DeStefano’s interception and a long drive that culminated with a Bulger TD pass reception. After hitting Lauren MacDonald for the point after, halftime came with ESPN clinging to a 24-23 lead. The second half opened with a White interception, but ESPN was quickly halted when Bulger made his second pick of the night. Collins hit Brent Richard for their second TD connection of the game to reclaim the lead at 29-24. It was short-lived though as ESPN scored on the following possession, made an interception and scored again with just under two minutes in the game to clinch the title. It marked the first loss of the season for the Hippos and capped off an unblemished record for ESPN.

Happy Happy Hippos

Michael Bulger, Joseph Collins, Laura Daelhousen, James DeStefano, Sarah Freddie, Danielle Gold, Lindsay Higgins, Sivan Kassiff, Susan King, Johanna Jutres,
Peter Kelly-Joseph, Lauren Kentouris, Lauren MacDonald, Brent Richard, Denny Teason