Co-Rec Flag Football Fall 2004

Bong Squad

Kristen Barth, Charles Bartlett, Susan Bartolini, Monica Bern,
Lindsay Brenner, Caitlin Boninti, Jennifer Gilrein, Alyson Harrod,
Carolyn Higgins, Andrew Holden, Caitlyn Johnson, Kevin LaCroix,
Matthew Sullivan, Emily Trayers

Championship Game Summary
Bong Squad 27, G.O.A.T. 22

The co-rec final matched up defending champ G.O.A.T. and Bong Squad. G.O.A.T cruised through the playoffs with a 40-6 win over Milk Duds and a 39-21 win over last year’s runnerup Hot Shots. Bong Squad’s topnotch defense led to a 28-12 win over Bruisers and a 12-0 shutout against All Stars in the playoffs. In the first half, Bong Squad’s QB Andrew Holden connected early with Emily Trayers for a 25 yard gain. On fourth and goal, Holden found Caitlin Boninti in the end zone to give Bong Squad the early 10-0 lead. G.O.A.T. responded by marching down the field. QB Josh Tousignant capped off the drive with a TD pass to Dave Barros.  After those two early scores, the defenses tightened up and the teams went into halftime with Bong Squad leading 10-6. To start the second half, G.O.A.T. marched downfield. But, on fourth and goal from the five yard line, Bong’s Charles Bartlett came up big with a sack to force a turnover on downs. After a Bong Squad punt, Tousignant found Kate Biedron for the go-ahead score to put G.O.A.T. up 15-10. Bong Squad moved downfield and with 2 minutes left coughed up an interception to Richard Tourville. The turnover was short-lived, however, as the interception came back on a roughing-the- passer penalty. Holden capitalized on this second life by throwing a TD pass to Lindsay Brenner to give Bong Squad the 21-15 lead.  G.O.A.T. needed to answer quickly and Tousignant wasted little time in connecting again with Barros to tie the game at 21. G.O.A.T. went for the extra point and Biedron connected with Tousignant for the go-ahead score with just under 10 seconds in the game. Down by one and with so little time, Bong Squad had only one play possible. QB Holden sent a “Hail Mary” the length of the field. Prayers were answered as Kevin LaCroix caught the ball in a crowd in the end zone to give Bong Squad the 27-22 thrilling victory.


David Barros, Katelyn Biedron, Linh Chau, Christopher Donadio,
Courtney Finos, Nicole Lanciani, Elena Lizasoain, Aileen Murphy,
George Paglieroni, Alison Suarato, Christopher Tassone, Richard Tourville, Joshua Tousignant