Men's Flag Football Fall 2001

Hammer Time

Robert Beckworth, Michael Discolo, Ethan Gundel, John Hurst,
Timothy Kujawski, Joshua Norton, Robert Perkins, Matthew Senesi,
Jeffrey Smith

Championship Game Summary
Hammer Time 26, Fakers 25

What better way to end the playoffs than with an incredible game that would come down to one play with no time on the clock? The men’s final featured Hammer Time versus the Fakers. On the Fakers’ first play from scrimmage, Hammer Time’s Tim Kujawski intercepted a pass and returned it to the Fakers’ three yard line. The Fakers’ prevent defense stopped Hammer Time from scoring. On the Fakers’ next possession, Kujawski again intercepted the ball and returned it to the one yard line. Hammer Time would not be denied this close. Kujawski scored with 9:50 remaining in the half. The Fakers’ QB Matt Thompson found a little rhythm and sent a 25-yard pass to Andy Podolski that set up the next scoring play: Thompson, under pressure, rolled to his right and passed back across his body to the opposite corner of the endzone where teammate Mike Antolini hauled in the ball for the touchdown. The game was knotted at 6. Later, the Fakers scored again to close out the half with the 13-6 lead.

In the second half, Hammer Time used a hook and lateral to take them to the four yard line where QB Rob Beckworth rushed the ball in to tie the score. The Fakers came right back with a Thompson to Brian Caniff 20 yard pass for a score. Hammer Time’s QB Beckworth took matters into his own hands and made a 24 yard dash down field and followed that with a 13 yard pass to tie the score at 19. The game remained tied until 90 seconds were left on the clock.

Hammer Time’s Beckworth passed to Jeff Smith in the endzone to give Hammer Time the lead. Then, after Beckworth intercepted Thompson’s pass with only 1:03 remaining, it seemed as though Hammer Time had the game wrapped up. But Hammer Time’s poor management of the clock allowed the Fakers’ Thompson to throw a TD pass with no time left in regulation. The Fakers found themselves down 26-25 with the ‘decision of the game’ to make. They decided to go for the 2-point conversion and the win. Hammer Time came up big to deny the score and preserve the one-point victory.


Mike Antolini, Luke Antolini, Brian Caniff, Ian Flaherty, Bourzoo Kimyachi, Andrew Podolski, Thomas Sheehan, Evan Skelly, Matthew Thompson, Christopher Towson, Smith Utubor, Timothy Vautour