Men's Flag Football Fall 2000


Rashaan Hazard, William Holmes, Jason Perry, Jamie Pryce, Randy Seymour, Malcolm Mosley-Winn, Hakeem Springer, Paul Barros, Shayshahn MacPherson

Championship Game Summary
Y-Hate 12, Kegs of Duff 7

This year's final featured Y-Hate versus Kegs of Duff. Both teams were undefeated at
5-0 through league play. Because they were last year's runner-up, Kegs of Duff was the favorite to win the championship. Through the playoffs, Kegs of Duff was tested only once by a competitive Fubars team. Kegs won that game 19-12 while winning two other playoff games by forfeit and knocking off the Scorpions 39-6. Y-Hate had four playoff wins, cruising past Jay's Landscaping 31-14, nipping Sons of Scotland 25-20, dismissing the Pretenders 21-12 and doubling up Money Shot 26-13.

On Kegs of Duffs second possession, it looked as if they might jump out in front but the drive was stalled as QB Joe Sullivan's pass was intercepted by Y-Hate's Malcolm Wynn. After the take away, Y-Hate marched down the field and scored the game's first touchdown on a 10 yard run by two-way standout and QB Wynn. Kegs of Duff bounced right back and went the length of the field. Sullivan threw key receptions to Jason Sweeney and Mike Straub. But, once again, Kegs was stymied when Sullivan threw a second interception, this time to Y-Hate's Jason Perry. Again, Y-Hate took advantage of a turnover and Jrove the length of the field and scored rn a pass from Wynn to Paul Barros. Y-Hate was not able to convert either extra point attempt and the first half ended with Y-Hate up 12-0.

Up by two touchdowns and having the first possession of the second half, Y-Hate was in position to put the game out of reach early. Kegs of Duff stopped Y-Hate in their first possession and forced a punt. Sweeney fielded the punt and ran the length of the field for a touchdown. Kegs' extra point was good, and the momentum seemed to shift in their favor. A comeback was not to be, however, as Wynn buckled down on offense and controlled the clock while Y-Hate's Randy Seymour made good plays on defense to dash the hopes of Kegs of Duff. The game ended and Y-Hate pulled out the 12-7 victory.

Kegs of Duff

Geoffrey Bagshaw, Dean Dimarzio, Todd Guay, Evan Hickok, Christopher Paul, Matthew Peaslee, Paul Richards, Michael Straub, Joseph Sullivan, Jason Sweeney, Stephen Wynn