Co-Rec Flag Football Fall 2000

Oh Mercy!

Karen Adelman, Megan Beilenson, Robin Black, Maximo Cabral, Dwayne Evans, Kate Giampapa, Michael Henzel, Kathryn Hyatt, Jhoanna Linares, Justin Mills,
Sheri Morstein, Michael Mutrie, Cheryl Ramirez, Kate Rhodes, Dan Rimerman,
Leris Rosa, Gabriel Tavarez, Thomas Verdell, Emily White

Championship Game Summary
Oh Mercy! 31, The A Team 15

This year's Co-rec championship featured last year's champion Oh Mercy!, formerly known as the Norman Pheeney's, against The A Team. When these teams met during league play, Oh Mercy gave The A Team a 24-9 bruising. The A Team was hoping this championship would be their sweet revenge.

Oh Mercy! set the tone of the contest right from the beginning. On The A Team's first possession, defensive specialist Tom Verdell applied plenty of pressure on the quarterback, who threw a hasty pass that was intercepted by Dwayne Evans. Oh Mercy! moved the ball down field but was unable to score. After The A Team's three plays and out punt, Oh Mercy! revved up the offense a bit behind Megan Beilenson's terrific 9-point touch down catch in the end zone. Later, with Oh Mercy/on offense again, captain and quarterback Dan Rimerman hit receiver Max Cabral streaking down the sideline. Cabral never looked back and Oh Mercy was quickly up 15-0.

The A Team did not quit, however, and Jaclyn Longtine beat the entire Oh Mercy! defense for a touchdown. Oh Mercy! responded with another Beilenson touchdown catch and Oh Mercy! led 25-9 at the half. The second half showcased more of Oh Mercy's suffocating defense. Robin Black led Oh Mercy! with four pass deflections. The A Team was not able to erase the early lead. Each team added a touchdown in the second half, and Oh Mercy cruised to a 31-15 repeat championship.

The A Team

Rachel Correia, Cristin Gennarelli, Daniel Lewis, Jaclyn Longtine,
Gregory O'Connor, Caitlin Kurasek, Matthew Winters, Jonathan Sun