Men's Flag Football Fall 1999

Pi Kappa Alpha Riders

Championship Game Summary
Pi Happa Alpha Riders 33, Kegs of Duff 32

This years game was once again played between Kegs of Duff and Pi Kappa Alpha Riders. Early in the season no one would have thought that either team would make it back to the finals as both teams suffered early season losses. Kegs breezed through the playoffs as they beat Chachi 46-12, Flipmode Squad 24-12, Menudo 46-18 and Beefcakes II 32-6. Pike overcame one speed-bump in beating Rat Bastards 48-14, Sigma Alpha Mu 45-18, East Bridgeport All-Stars 14-12 and Led Balls 33-19.

Kegs started quickly as Rob Charest connected with Joe Sullivan to jump on Pike 6-0. On Pike’sfirst possession Mike Garvey threw a pass that was intercepted by Jay Sweeney. This led to another Charest to Sullivan touchdown making the score 13-0. Another Garvey to Sweeney interception led to a spectacular over-the-shoulder Charest - Sweeney touchdown catch for Kegs, which was now up 20-0 with 3 minutes to play in the half. Right when you thought the game was going to be out of reach, Pike scored on a pass from Garvey to Steve Montgomery with 7 seconds left in the half. At the half it was Kegs 20 and Pike 7.

Pike scored on their first possession of the second half as Garvey threw a pass to Kris Barriteau who made a diving catch in the endzone for the score. The score was quickly 20-14 Kegs. On Keg’s drive, Charest was intercepted by Garvey. Pike took advantage of the turnover and scored when Garvey hit Riley Hughes to tie the game at 20. Kegs did not panic and then regained the lead on a Charest to Sweeney pass with 3 minutes to play. Pike answered as Garvey hit Barriteau to make it 27-26 with 1 minute 35 seconds to play.

The next play saw the Kegs’ Charest complete a beautiful bomb down the sideline to Sullivan making the score 32-27 with 1 minute 25 seconds remaining. Pike once again drove down and scored with Garvey to Barriteau at 30 seconds left to make it 33-32. Kegs didn't quit and had the ball on Pike’s 16 yard line. The last play of the game found the Kegs deflagged at the 3 yard line as time expired. What a shoot-out!

Kegs of Duff

Geoffrey Bagshaw, Robert Charest, Dean Dimarzio, Daniel Finnie,
Todd Guay, Evan Hickok, Paul Richards, Joseph Sullivan, Jason Sweene