Co-Rec Flag Football Fall 1998

Sport Mgmt Grads

Championship Game Summary
Sport Mgmt Grads 46, Dragon Kids 0

Five co-rec teams started the flag football season for the first time in over four years. Undefeated and number one playoff seed Sport Mgmt Grads blanked G5 48-0 while the Dragon Kids did the same to Funnie Bunnies 27-0. During the regular season, the Grads knocked off the Kids 18-0. In the championship, the Grad’s offense was unstoppable and their defense impenetrable. Sean Patikas Hunter ran his interception back 40 yards for a touchdown. After the two-point PAT, the Grads never looked back. QB Jeff Mann completed TD passes to Dave Wright, Patrick Gillett, Pam Levine and Sharon Bay. The Dragon Kids were denied the endzone and the Sport Mgmt Grads completed their very impressive season with a 46-0 win over Dragon Kids.

Dragon Kids