Women's Field Hockey Fall 2013


Back Row: Rachel Carlson, Meaghan Silva, Isabella Maloney, Julie Boshar,
Peri Prendergast
Front Row: Emily Boyle, Dylan Masi, Kali Otis, Jill Sylvester


Championship Game Summary
Down 11, Team Awesome! 0

This game was played by Team Awesome (Black) and Down (Red). Neither team wanted to have a goalie and opted to play six (Down) versus five (Awesome). Both teams exemplified great skill and hard work throughout the game despite the cold weather. Red had some amazing passing sequences utilizing all sorts of techniques such as drives and sweeps.

Player/captain Isabella Maloney, for Down, used both the forehand and reverse sweep which are both extremely difficult skills to master on grass. Down’s passing sequences and teamwork enabled each player on the team to score a goal. Sweeper Rachel Carlson consistently stopped the ball from getting into the defensive circle and was able to swiftly outlet the ball to super forwards, Isabella Maloney and Peri Prendergast. It was their ability to see the field, communicate with one another and determination that allowed them to come away from the game with a championship win and final score of 11-0.

Team Awesome!

Left to Right: Jacki Reilly, Codi Bennett, Allie MacLachlan, Nikki Zuidema,
Lindsay Gondek